The National Hockey League just released a two minute video they produced commemorating the official end of the lockout. It features cameos by Alex Ovechkin, Jason Chimera, and Sidney Crosby… crying. Liev Schreiber, the voice behind 24/7, also narrates. “Hockey is back,” the video claims. No, that never really left. Just you, NHL. Just you.

For whatever reason, this video feels hollow to me, but I encourage you all to watch it for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

The Caps released their very own celebratory video and it features Slapshot.

Okay, that Chief Eagle Officer gag was great.

What do you guys think of the videos?

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  • ricardo

    god that was stupid

  • The video itself isn’t bad…until the end. As you said already, hockey never went anywhere. Only the NHL did. I do think this would have been a good video for commemorating the start of a regular 82-game-per-team season, though.

  • AGcapsfn

    I made one as well check it out guys!

  • NHL one was better, but when you polish a turd… well. You know.

  • Konofish

    oooooh, yay. The Ted has decided that we’re allowed to spend money on him now. Self-congratulatory smugness, like the lockout came from somewhere else. Shut up.

  • I must disagree with Ian and apparently the entire Western world and say that NHL video made we want to jump into the nearest glass.

  • I’m not sure why I didn’t really dig it. Maybe because I know in the back of my mind Gary Bettman was the one who signed on the dotted line to have it produced? Regardless, I’m 100% sure I like @a5ed8e7c71e9360845f0711b9c9a9b6f:disqus’s video. Now THAT’s genuine!

  • I am hereby asking the girls in the video, who appear both pretty and age-appropriate, out on a date. I will not blog about said date unless explicitly requested.

  • But, Ian, the one made by the slick media consultants hired by the league using poll tested words has HIGHER PRODUCTION VALUES.

  • IMPORTANT QUESTION: Does the Capital video credit John Walton screaming “HEEE SCORRRESSSSSSS” as ending the lockout or is that just what Slapshot’s computer does when he has a new email? I’m confused.

  • I think you’ve simply run into a common problem with non league produced videos: LOWER PRODUCTION VALUES!

  • The Caps one was OK, but the NHL video got me pumped. It had everything that was good in the world: Chimera fighting through blood, Ovi jumping, Sidney crying, and somebody scoring on Fleury.

  • vahockeymom

    I wanted to love it, but it rings a little hollow to me too…

  • tkwetzel

    I like AGcapsfan’s video the best. And better than the league’s video is the NBCSports video/commercial found here: You get Ovi and Hendricks appearances.

  • breaklance

    I could only think while watching the Caps video how awesome it would of been if Slapshot had missed the initial memo, so he goes about being CEO while a parade is happening being led by the players just outside his office and he just Bueler’s his way around the office barely missing it until he finally joins at the end.

  • Rhino40

    Good stuff!

  • Pumped. But that’s because a ton of it was from HBO and reminded me of how an asian/latina woman from san diego like me became a hockey fan.

  • I’m pretty sure i was sexually harassed by that CEO at Verizon Center when i was trying to get a beer. Looks just like him. Beak. Feathers…