Alzner, left, seen here not tweeting. (Photo credit: Chris Gordon)

The NHL lockout caused many casualties. Games, fans — all lost to the sport for years to come. No loss, however, was bigger than Karl Alzner‘s Twitter account. After some tense exchanges with fans on the site in early December, Alzner deleted his profile. It had been a wild ride. Washington’s number 27 brought pictures of his dogs and the living room they destroyed. He tweeted pictures of his dogs. And sometimes even his dogs.

“I told him to grow up,” fellow Twitter user Joel Ward (@JRandalWard42) told RMNB’s Ian Oland when asked about the disappearance. “I hope I can get some of his followers on my team.”

“People wanted answers, and I’m the type of guy that wants to give them answers,” Alzner said. “I knew I had to back off a little bit and I figured the only way to back off was getting rid of it all together. There are times I wish I still had it.”

As for whether he’d rejoin Twitter if the urge to share asinine photos ever hit him again, Alzner didn’t commit to anything.

“I guess time will tell,” he said.

Ian, working towards his Pulitzer, pressed him on the topic. Perhaps a fan campaign would get him back?

“Yeah, yeah,” said Alzner, his voice trailing off. So there you go. Alzner might rejoin Twitter. Or he might not. So, Caps fans, make your voice heard. Help restore Canadian-American relations. Save the world. Get Karl Alzner back on Twitter.

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