Video: Troy Brouwer Dances to Gangnam Style

Troy Brouwer does Gangnam Style Dance

Photo credit: @WashCaps

Thursday night at Verizon Center, the Washington Capitals held an open practice and offered free concessions to fans to say sorry for the NHL lockout. The free stuff was cool and all and yay hockey is back, but here’s the real story: Troy Brouwer did the Gangnam Style dance.

We’ve got an epidemic on our hands, people.

Forsberg did it first but Brouwer has more panache.

I think this marks the endpoint of Gangnam Style by the way. PSY’s ironic earworm about the excesses of western culture has finally permeated the final corner of the world. With Troy Brouwer’s ice dance, PSY can now retire to — oh who am I kidding he’s probably going to be in like eight Super Bowl commercials.

GIFs of Brouwer Dancing to Gangnam Style



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  • Video is not working….

  • Pete, the Caps video isn’t mobile friendly unfortunately (like all NHL video). But it’s working fine on PC’s.

  • The woman next to me was on the phone and kept saying “And he’s doing it on skates.” She must have repeated that in amazement a good half dozen times.

  • It’s working OK on my PC now. The first version played the first two seconds, then “Replay/More.” Brouwer showing some serious skating skills.

  • I can barely stand up on the ice with skates on and Brouwer can do this. And people wonder why I think hockey has the most talented athletes of any sport.

  • Dark Stranger

    Maybe when Forsberg comes over, he and Brouwer can skate/dance Gangnam style together. Wait, will the song still be popular by that time?

  • Great article- and thanks for doing these GIFs. They’re wonderful.

  • sentientcheese

    They’ve added a different Angle of this, which shows the entire dance, including the side shuffles.