Kirilenko Shows off Ring from Ovechkin - YouTube

Maria Kirilenko reached the fourth round of the Australian Open by beating Belgium’s Yanina Wickmayer in straight sets. Speaking with Some Guy after the game, Maria showed off her engagement ring to Alex Ovechkin. Ovechkin, by the way, is a name that interviewer seemed unable to say. Maria took it all in stride, turning an awkward interview into a pretty darn charming moment.

Nice catch, Ovi.

One piece of breaking news: Maria says the couple has not set a wedding date yet.

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  • Wow, this is so cute.

  • Dark Stranger

    Interesting that an Australian can’t say Ovechkin. Just for fun, I once did a “google” search to see if I could get any hits when spelling Ovechkin in how the Poles would spell it (Oweczkin). I got hits, involving people living in Australia. (I’m sure the pronunciation of that name got corrupted there.)

  • Adorbs.

  • Sage Confucius

    Awwwww! Ovi has done well for himself.

  • Well, she can’t be a June bride, because he might be busy….on the other hand, maybe that would do it. I always avoid making plans for May and June, and then…so
    lets plan a June wedding, to be cancelled. Take that, karma.

  • Yv

    ESPN3 showing and storing every game. As commentators said it was not so easy interview but came out very nicely. Ovi should be double happy playing tonight. Her next opponent is the toughest one- S. Williams. And it is good time to promote hockey in Australia.

  • Livia

    How sweet that she has thousands of fans in that stadium alone who are sad she’s taken and no longer free to marry them…awww. Gotta love those Aussies.

  • So, so cute.