Remember All Those New Caps Players?


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Me neither.

Since the Caps last played hockey– sometime during the Medieval Warm Period, they’ve lost a few guys. Alex Semin left via free agency for Carolina, Mike Knuble returned to the exotic beauty of Michigan, Tomas Vokoun made a pit stop in Breezewood before heading up to Pittsburgh, and Dennis Wideman got such a ludicrous and undeserved payday in Calgary that you’d think he had left congress to start lobbying for the MPAA.

You’re gonna see some new faces on Saturday night, so here’s a quick refresher on the additions the Capitals made just before the lockout sucked the last ounce of joy out of the universe.

Mike Ribeiro, #9, Center

The fabled second-line center. Ribeiro comes to the Caps from Dallas, where he was a star in both name and deed. We can expect the man whom Oates mistook for a rapper (is it the chain?) to anchor a line in the top six, where he will be expected to reinvigorate the Caps offense. I’m really worried I’m gonna spell his name wrong (e before i, e before i).

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Wotjek Wolski #17, Left Wing


Let’s start with this: pronounce the Ws like Vs. Wolski did some cool stuff in Colorado, but he kinda washed out in New York and Florida. He’s had some abdominal or groin injury that cost him a chance at a big contract, allowing George McPhee so snatch him up cheap. Wolski is playing on a one-year, $600k– making him a low-risk/decent-reward gamble. I think we will see Wolski do some great things — but only if he’s getting a chance in the top six.

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Joey Crabb #15, Right Wing


I think I’m in the minority here, but I like the Joey Crabb signing. Crabb is a grinder, a responsible shutdown forward who could free up guys like Joel Ward to do more offensive production. But it’s not all smiles and sunshine; I think I speak for all of us in expressing my existential dread at the forthcoming puns coming out of Adam Vingan’s twitter feed.

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Jack Hillen #38, Defense


Hillen did not get a qualifying offer from Nashville, and so George McPhee plucked the defender from the purifying waters of Lake Minnetonka. A few weeks ago, Hillen seemed like a crucial addition to the Caps’ defensive depth, but if Tom “Iron Groin” Poti is truly in good health, Hillen could be riding the pine for a bit. That’s a good thing.

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What are your expectations for these guys? And what kind of awful puns will Adam drop on us this year?

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  • vahockeymom

    All-Star NHL defenseman sounds great, doesn’t it? But just wait…Calgary fans will soon learn what we and Bruins fans already know.

  • Ned

    Well: Ribeiro will be solid, consistent as the #2 center. Wolski will bounce between line two and three constantly (which isn’t great, obviously). Crabb will get his time and get into his fights when Hendy needs a break/needs to work on his paralyzer Hillen will also be known as Jack “Healthy Scratch” (that is if/when Poti’s groin is destroyed in a fiery explosion that occured when he got out of bed)

  • Ned

    EDIT: that is *unless* Poti’s groin…. it’s early. kinda…

  • Ned

    Well: Ribeiro will be a solid, consistent second line center with flashes of brilliance (which is exactly what we want from him). Wolski will bounce between lines two and three (not good, obviously). Crabb will be the source of hilarious Twitter puns and help free up some of the 4th liners to score more. Plus he can fight to give Hendy a break/give Hendy time to paralyze Tim Thomas in the Colorado wilderness. Hillen will be a healthy scratch a lot until Poti’s groin explodes while pouring a bowl of cereal in..oh say…about..two weeks.

  • Ned

    I apologize for the comment double down there. I’m new to the commenting game

  • DoxinCalvert

    If somehow through misfortune Crabb and Ribiero work on the same unit, we could call it the “Surf and Turf” line… (yes, I know – real bad)…

  • Ribeiro will be the spark that reignites Wolski’s career, and he will post better numbers than sasha did these past few years…. Crabb seems like a good fill-in until Brooks comes back, and It never hurts to have defensive depth. Really excited for tomorrow!