Clear Your Cache: We’ve Redesigned the Site


R.I.P. The Gray Thing 2009-2013

Happy hockey day. Peeking at RMNB today, you might notice we’ve made some changes. The new RMNB has a new main navigation along with a new design. It’s a little more toned down than the old design– with less Ovi and more focus on the things that you actually do on our site. See all our social stuff along the top, there? Ain’t it spiffy?

If you can’t see it or if it looks a little weird, clear your cache. You can hit CTRL + F5 if you’re on a PC. If you’ve got a Mac, just throw it in the trash and get a new one. You can probably afford it.

This is just the first step in a series of site improvements that we’ve been planning for a while. We’ll be doing a full redesign sometime in the near future. For now, we’ve got a bunch of new pages on the site, which you can check out by clicking around that pretty top nav. We’ve also put all our original content under a Creative Commons license, which you can read about later. When we started RMNB a few years ago, we didn’t expect anything like this level of success. We’re gonna keep working to make RMNB a rewarding experience for you guys.

Let us know your thoughts! Thanks!

  • The site looks great! You guys have consistently been my go-to source for Caps news and fun stuff over the past two years, and I’m glad that you’ve been having such great success – you deserve it. Now that I’m no longer in the US, I’ll be relying on you all even more for Caps news (as one of the few good hockey sites that can be accessed in China without special measures) and I’ll be looking forward to all the new stuff 😀

  • Ditto, except for the China part 🙂

  • @CapsFan1921

    Site looks great guys! Keep up the good work

  • CurtMcCormick

    Love the new look. Love that I have a reason to check RMNB every day again!

  • sowellman03

    “If you’ve got a Mac, just throw it in the trash and get a new one.” Outstanding logic. I will ditch my old Mac for a new Mac.

    I like the site change. Keep up the good work.

  • Holy_Cal

    I take exception to the MacBook dig. I was a pc person, until I had enough one day. I even used to make fun of my friend when he bought a mac desktop. Anyways, I enjoyed the grey blob and happy hockey day! (even though it never left, only the NHL did)

  • My Mac brought it up just fine … no clearing of cache or throwing away necessary. Love the new look and please keep up the great work. I love this site …

  • Haha we all use Macs too. Sorry!

  • Rhino40

    Looks real good so far.

    Of course, there are some intangible things that I’ll miss about the old site. But then again, I’m an “old” guy and–after all–life is change and change is life.

    Well done, RMNB

  • I found Ovie’s missing tooth on the right hand side of the screen, well I hope it’s his. hehe

  • I like it. It is cleaner and easier, and I am ok with a little less Ovi. Unlike the changes in another (shall remain nameless) Caps blog, this looks like an improvement.

  • Holy_Cal

    Ahh I’m just joshing. If I really took offense, I’d be as insufferable as the people who think computer choice is more of a religion than anything.

  • I’ll miss u grey Ovie.

  • Kath

    Great job. I go to your site at least once a day. Tooth – love it.

  • Russian Machine Never Breaks, but gray Ovi can’t last forever! Glad you kept the image in the Hockey Tip section 😉

  • Is that a tooth on the upper right hand side?

  • Sure is. Ovi’s missing tooth!

  • Ha. Ok. Gross. I like it.