Photo: Abbie Wants the Caps to Beat The Bolts

Beat the Bolts

If you recall, last September Alex Ovechkin turned 27 years old, and — in a tradition as old as time– our readers made birthday cards for the Russian machine. Among them was one submission that was particularly special to me. Abbie, an adorable little girl, sang “Happy Birthday” for Ovi and then punctuated it by scoring a goal. There’s a few things special going on here: 1) Abbie knows the players by name at her age; 2) Abbie loves the Capitals; and 3) Abbie plays hockey, a sport not so popular with younger girls. As a fogie 28-year-old, I want to encourage more of this. So I contacted the family, and I bought a shirt for Abbie to show my appreciation.

On Saturday, Abbie’s dad Chris sent me a picture of Abbie (in her new Holtbeast t-shirt) and her twin brother Aidan. Adorable and ferocious. Beat the Bolts indeed.

Thanks to everybody who has helped make hockey such a big sport in this area. I remember wearing my black Capitals jersey during the playoffs in middle school. Not only was I the only kid who would do that, everybody would make fun of me in general for liking the sport. Times have changed, and that’s because of you guys.

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  • Geo

    I have every Caps jersey but the god awful blue so I woulda sported my black one with you buddy!

  • Awesome! I really could have used the support back then! Haha.


  • Thanks to YOU. Just a couple years ago, I was fairly apathetic towards the sport, not watching until the playoffs if at all. But I started reading this blog and it really turned me on to hockey.
    Whatever happens this season, I’m just glad I get to watch some hockey this year. Go Caps!