The Baltimore Ravens Are Going to the Harbaugh Bowl

And then this happened:


Yeah, we don’t get  it either. Congrats to Baltimore’s fans (including Ian and Kyle from SHOE and of course, Joel Ward)!

  • Dark Stranger

    Carlson’s a Pats’ fan. What can I say? He was born in Massachusetts even if raised in Joisey.

  • I get it…did you see the media surrounding Ray Lewis while he was kneeling & kissing the ground. It was ridiculous. Go NINERS!

  • jmsimpson

    Ray was kneeling on the field with the media surrounding him

  • Greg

    Apparently all the cameras were zoomed in on Lewis’s butt crack when he was bent over praying or whatever..

  • Clare

    Carlson is s a l t y.

  • I literally don’t know what to do with myself right now

  • My hubby was focused on the butt crack. lol

  • That people can focus on such low , demeaning trash after a game like that speaks volumes about the mindset of the average sports fan in this area. Really, John, grow up!

  • I’m sadly surprised that you and Peter would post such a thing.

  • meh I’m a neutral fan

  • What was it that bothered you?

  • dragon 13

    Ian, I posted a reply yesterday. It would be very rude not to answer your polite query. I have no idea which level of cyber hades the reply decended to.