Karl Alzner and Jeff Schultz rid the Metro, look miserable because they are on the Metro.

Karl Alzner and Jeff Schultz ride the Metro, look miserable because they are on the Metro.

Caption contest! (Photo credit: @tombeline)

The Washington elite and tourists turned out in droves on Monday, filling the nation’s capital for the second inauguration of Barack Obama. Revelers packed the mall and filled (most) of the streets along the parade route. The crowd downtown reached around 800,000 by the time people finally got off their Metro trains, down from the estimated 1.5 million people four years ago. Members of the Washington Capitals were no exception. General Manager George McPhee — a dual citizen of the United States and Canada — scored a spot at the Canadian Embassy, a prime viewing area near the intersection of Constitution and Pennsylvania. From my view next door at the Newseum, the scene looked festive with our friends from the North putting up a large “Canada salutes Barack Obama” banner and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police patrolling their sovereign land.

McPhee wasn’t the only Cap in attendance. Matt Hendricks, an American, posted a picture of Canadians Karl Alzner and Jeff Schultz stuck on MetroRail with approximately 348,236 other people on their way downtown to view the celebrations.

The parade wasn’t much to write home about. Sadly, there were no massive inflatable Muppets. There were, however, a bunch of high school marching bands and a 40 minute delay. And then another couple thousand high school marching bands. But that’s neither here nor there. This was a day to come to together and freeze as one.

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The Presidential Limo.

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The newly sworn in President Obama.

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Vice President Joe Biden.

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Marines march during the parade.

  • Leave politics off RMNB. I already have to hear about the expensive dress Michelle Obama wore to it every commercial break tonight, which if it was about Ann Romney, of course they would be talking about the price not calling her fashionable.

    So please, I like hearing about Maria Kirilenko. I like hearing about Brouwer’s having a new baby.

    I don’t fucking wanna hear about how much they some stupid leftist thieve Afrocentrist.

  • Great pics, guys — but one quibble. The Embassy of Canada, nor any other Embassy, are part of their “sovereign land.” It’s a myth that an Embassy is part of the country — it’s just protected by the Vienna Convention and individual treaties between nations. However, crimes that occur within an Embassy are still able to be prosecuted by the host nation. Also, when someone gives birth within the walls of a U.S. Embassy, they’re not an American. (This has happened!)

  • excellent post.

  • Thomas Aquinas

    There is nothing political about this article, you fartbrain.

    Also, the singular of thieves isn’t thieve; it’s thief. Perhaps more people would take your butthurt crackpot nutjob conspiracy paranoia manifesto seriously if you could express its tenets using the spelling and grammar proficiency we expect of third graders. Probably not, though.

  • vahockeymom

    Love the look on Alzner’s face. That’s how I feel on the Metro too. Not sure what all the negative commentary is about here – great article, funny picture, and McPhee’s gloves are priceless. Great as always, RMNB.

  • jackson

    Exactly. The only political thing on this page was your “stupid leftist thieve Afrocentrist,” which is probably the dumbest phrase I’ll read today. Also, Shultz might be reported for rubbing against Alzner. Those seats weren’t meant for that big goof!

  • Hey 🙂 The first picture is of my husband’s unit …. he marched in Inaugural parades starting with Reagan and ending with Clinton’s 2nd. He did a whole lot of other marching in between too 😉

    P.S. There’s nothing political about the Inauguration. We get a new president every 4 years. Sometimes it’s someone you support. Sometimes it isn’t. But it’s always a celebration of our democratic process.

  • Seth

    Dude, you should’ve taken Kirk Lazurus’ advice

  • Chase, this post would have been done regardless of the man in the Oval Office. We’re simply covering an event in Washington that is tied to the Caps. RMNB is made up of people with a variety of political views.

  • Well then. Thanks for comment, Ian!

  • This is mostly true… an embassy is considered sovereign land where the host country has no jurisdiction, i.e. the host nation cannot prosecute a crime happening within an embassy without reaching an agreement between both nations. If embassy staff/diplomats refusing to cooperate would create a diplomatic crisis depending on how far the two countries want to escalate. Which is why many people take refuge in an embassy…