Alex Ovechkin

Photo credit: Patrick McDermott

Despite the Washington Capitals coming out and laying an egg for the second straight game last night, there were some positive moments. Granted 95% of those moments were authored by Matt Hendricks, but dammit they were there if you looked really closely.

For example, let’s examine a rush up the ice by Alex Ovechkin in the third period. The Russian Machine, who finished with an assist and four shots, did not score a goal for the second straight game, but he sure did have the sickest move on the night.

Sweet move from Alex Ovechkin

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As Ovechkin picks up a loose puck at center ice and turns on the jets, Winnipeg defenseman Ron Hainsey decides to go for a poke check. Wrong move. Ovi cradles the puck backwards, and then tosses the puck through Hainsey’s legs, making the veteran defenseman look silly for playing him so aggressively. As ooh’s and ahhh’s rained down from Verizon Center, Ovechkin kept skating hard, eventually unleashing a blistering wrist shot that almost went in.

The best part of play was that Ovechkin’s dangle led to a slashing penalty being called on Olli Jokinen.

Sure, the Capitals have a lot of issues, especially early on with special teams and team defense. But they still have one of the greatest players in the league, impatiently waiting to break out.

  • Haha…”turned on the jets”…I get it…

  • there were some positives last night….good building blocks…now, give me a W!!!

  • Too bad he can’t put the damn puck in the damn net.

  • Double Entendre!

  • ORazor

    It was brutal last night. The fans were desperately looking for something to cheer about. Thank Matt Hendricks for the only real excitement. The Caps seemed to lose every one on one battle in their own zone.

  • 28IS(still)GREAT

    I get it – its pretty – and its sick. But when we only get to see glimmers of it every other game (or longer), it doesnt seem to matter as much to me.

    I think its fair to start assuming expectations are weighing heavy. Not only on Ovechkin as Captain, but Holtby as the #1 goalie, Backstrom as the key play maker, Locker to come up with new descriptors and Thompson Creek to diversify into door commercials.

    Free Ovechkin of the scarlett “C” and I have a feeling we’d see alot more of this kind of play. This is admittedly nothing more than a hunch, with absolutely no proof whatsoever.

  • CDizz

    I remember a time when this type of stuff was so ordinary, it wasn’t even mentioned in a full game recap…nowadays though 🙁

  • not so sure about it. Cant see anybody in the team for the C-role (like Knuble or other veterans). Besides, it probably will hurt Ovi’s ego much more, than any letter could burden him.
    Let’s be honest – 3 and 2 goals for is not a big issue. The big issue are 5 and 4 goals against and PK particularly. D, goalie, discipline, the new system – a lot of coaching work to do