Unleash The Fury: Don’t Worry, It’s Still a Thing

UnleashTheFury (1 of 1)

Tom Green unleashing the fury. (Photo credit: Katie Stansbery)

The Caps were not the only thing missing on Tuesday night. Some fans noticed the absence on a long-time staple of the video board: playing Unleash The Fury when the team is down late in a game. A few of you took to our comments to vent your fears, but according to Michael Wurman, the Director of Game Entertainment and TV Products for the Washington Capitals, there is no need to worry.

“I debated running it early, but I wanted to see how the second period played out,” Wurman told Ian Oland, referring to the 4-2 loss to the Winnipeg Jets. “The game just didn’t dictate it in the third period.”

“The game always dictates how and what we run,” he added. “Unleash The Fury and the other pump up elements are never scripted.”

Whenever the video finally does air again — and that depends on the Caps not getting blown out every game — Wurman said it will feature some tweaks, something the team has done over the years to keep a classic up to date.

“Not a lot has changed with it,” said Wurman. “Some updates, but the important parts are still alive and well.”

As for some of the other elements of the game this season, Wurman teased something special for Troy Brouwer’s goals. Video of the winger’s Gangnam Style dance blew up on the Internet for he displayed his moves following the team’s open practice at Verizon Center a week ago.

“That song. Oy,” Wurman said. “But the people have spoken, they want it.”

“We have something fun for when he scores,” he added.

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  • Emily Casto

    Thank you… that’s always my consolation prize when we’re down. We could have really used it near the beginning of the 3rd period. Or anytime, really.

  • Holy_Cal

    This is what I figured.

    Probably should’ve played it in the 1st. The crowd was so flat.

  • Was that the only thing missing? What about the PAP PAP PAP Let’s Go Caps? BRING BACK THE HORN GUY!

  • He’ll be there tonight! He had unavoidable plans on Tuesday.

  • OatesAndHos

    Good call, pick your spots with this and don’t run it into the ground. I’m a Red Sox fan and there is nothing more emblematic of the “Pink Hat” fan than “Sweet Caroline.” Once upon a time it was great, but when they play it at Fenway after, say, the Red Sox have just blown a 9 run lead to the Yankees and people are singing along with a “whatever” attitude towards what’s actually happening on the field…yeah, you’ve sort of seen enough of it.