Alex Semin celebrates his first goal with the Carolina Hurricanes

Hockey hugs for everybody! (Photo credit: Gary Wiepert)

On Friday night, the Carolina Hurricanes defeated the Buffalo Sabres 3-1 at First Niagara Center and one former Washington Capital had a first. Alex Semin, after starting the season with two bad penalties, scored his first goal with the Canes, one of those classic Sasha no-look wrist shots that found the top corner of the net.

Video is below the jump.

After Sasha scored, Carolina Hurricanes color announcer Tripp Tracy attempted to salute Semin with John Forslund’s classic goal call of “Hey hey whaddya say!” in Russian. Unfortunately for Tracy, he failed… badly. In awful Russian, the Canes announcer struggles through “Nu, nu, chto vy govoritsya.” In Russian, that means, “Well, Well. What you is spelled?” RMNB’s Fedor Fedin tells us he should’ve exclaimed, “Kak naschet etogo?” which is Russian for, “What about this?!” Oh, well. Next time, Tripp.

Meanwhile, Semin has been doing interviews — albeit short ones — with the press. Here’s one from a week ago. We went ahead and translated what Semin said since his translator was a bit off on it.

Question: Alex, you look at this as a new start?

Semin: Inarguably [I see this as a new start]. I’ve never changed teams before, it’s the first time in my career. I think it’s nothing special. I changed a team, but hockey is the same, we’ll go out there and play.

Translator: Obviously this is the first time he’s been traded in his career. He just sees it as the same sport, hockey, and he’s out here to do his best and help his team in any way possible.

Question:How much does playing against Eric Staal [when you were in Washington] help you blend with him [here]?

Semin: I don’t know, how many [games we’ll need to blend with Eric Staal]. I think we’ll help out each other, everything will be good, the team will be winning. That’s not like we two are the only ones playing. The team is playing.

Translator: He says, uhhh, the two of us are playing as a team with all the players. Together we should be fine and help the team win.

Question:You’ve scored a lot of goals in this building. Do you have a good feeling here?

Semin: It would be good to keep it up this way. [Translator doesn’t hear, Semin repeats and smiles.]

Translator: It would obviously be very good if the results continue in this building.

Also, this is how I felt writing this story. That is all.

Translations by Fedor Fedin.

  • Yv

    Good for Sasha. His typical, deadly wrister and good backchecking to steal the puck. GT shouldn’t even try to rise his glove, was way too late.

  • I wouldn’t expect anything less from Sasha!! And good for Tripp for even trying…it’s a hell of a lot more than any DC media person would do for Sasha!!

  • Dark Stranger

    Great article, Ian. And thanks for keeping us all up-to-date on Sasha.

  • Always!

  • johnnymorte

    GMGM you idiot! You give up your second best goal scorer and now you’re crying because we can’t score goals! You leave space in the cap for forwards that aren’t even here yet. You don’t win championships by giving up key guys. This guy is part of the original four. Last year Hunter and GMGM screwed this up for everybody. Ribeiro and Semin would have gave Caps a solid top six to try and win a championship.

  • CDizz

    They presented Semin with multiple offers, but he rejected all of them simply because he was through with Washington.

  • Jacobes

    Canes fan here. Gotta say I’ve read 2 awesome Semin artices on this blog and it’s refreshing to see he’s not as much as a “loser” as some people in the media have labelled him.