Ovi scores his first goal of the 2012-13 season

In the first four games of the new season, Alex Ovechkin has struggled. He’s looked lost on the right wing and had trouble finding his role in Adam Oates’ new system. Before today’s matinee with the Buffalo Sabres, Ovi had one point, an assist. The Washington Capitals went 0-3-1 during that stretch.

That doesn’t mean Ovechkin hasn’t had his chances — especially in Oates’ 1-3-1 powerplay. After their game against New Jersey on Friday, Mike Green lamented to CSN sideline reporter Al Koken,”I missed [Ovi] on a pass that was about four or five inches out of his wheelhouse.” On Sunday, Green found Ovi with a beautiful cross-ice pass to give the Russian machine his first goal on the season. It would end up being the game-winner.

Video is below the jump.

Look how happy he is.

That goal ended Ovechkin’s longest goal-scoring drought at the start of a season.

Ovi also had his second humangous big hit of the season, crushing six-foot, eight-inch behemoth Tyler Myers along the boards in the first period. Most players can’t move Myers; Ovechkin knocks him over like he’s a wet paper bag.

Alex Ovechkin big hit on Tyler Myers

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  • ACN

    Oh captain, my captain. Never leave us again.

  • nick j

    the captain has returned

  • Yv

    2 goals by Ovi could shut up all critiques, that’s why, Ovi, never-ever again miss an empty-netter. You should be a killer-sniper not a bird-watcher. Maybe as an excuse, it should be mentioned that Ovi saw EN probably for the first time in two years.

  • Howie

    So why should I or other fans get excited for a player who, is the poster-child of the Caps, makes the highest salary of the team, and just left the KHL after scoring 30+ goals, finally scores his first goal of the “season” in the NHL? What is wrong with Ovi? Has he gone Sasha on us?

  • Alex took 16 shots before scoring. Alex’s lifetime shooting % is about 12%. 16 * .12 = less than 2. Not scoring after 4 games isn’t a sign of a bad player, it’s a natural artifact of luck.

    Also, his Russian name is already Sasha, so he already went Sasha on us 27 years ago.