John Erskine elbows Wayne Simmonds in the head

GIF via welshhockeyfan

Late in the first period of Friday’s game against the Philadelphia Flyers, Big John Erskine got himself into some trouble. Skating up the ice, Erskine connected with Philadelphia’s Wayne Simmonds, drawing blood but no penalty.

As you can see, Erskine’s elbow makes contact with Simmonds’ face. The question Brendan Shanahan will be asking is whether or not Erskine was putting himself in a defensive posture– or whether there was a suspendable intent to injure.

Matt Hendricks had to answer the bell for the hit. Before the next faceoff, Zac Rinaldo summarily beat Hendricks in a bout. Both players recieved game misconducts.

Elliot watches the Hendy fight

Nice Canada hoodie, Elliot! (Video)

Wayne Simmonds stuck a tampon up his bloody nose before retreating to the locker room with Philly’s trainer.

  • Poke Czech

    RMNB overreacts with potential suspensions all the time

  • Matt

    You linked Elliot’s twitter to the wrong account.

  • Thanks, Matt. I fixed!

  • Bill

    NHL overreacts with Caps suspensions all the time


  • Even if you don’t think it deserves a suspension, remember Green on Frolik? Clearly a shoulder to head, before Rule 48 I remind you so don’t whine, and he gets suspended for a elbow that didn’t even happen.

  • I think this one is pretty clear. Erskine’s not a guy who would try to hurt someone. This, however, was a pretty blatant elbow to the head and ended with a guy bleeding on the ice. I bet he gets a game or two. We’ll see though.

  • Only if it’s Ovechkin