Alex Ovechkin checks Sidney Crosby

Photo credit: Nick Wass

Almost four years ago to the day, Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby — at the height of their rivalry — nearly fought at the Capitals bench. After Ovechkin bumped Crosby on his way to a shift change, Sid shoved him in the back. The two exchanged pleasantries until Ovi ended the conversation by ripping Crosby’s helmet off. Between their heated races for the Calder and Maurice Richard trophies, it was the first time the two showed anger towards each other on the ice. It was glorious.

The rivalry has cooled since then. Ovechkin’s goal scoring has slowed with age. Crosby has dealt with injury.

But on Sunday, while the Penguins blew out the Capitals 6-3 and Crosby edged Ovechkin 3-1 in points, the Russian machine established dominance in his own way: checking Crosby into the net.

Alex Ovechkin checks Sidney Crosby into Washington's net

Now that’s some back-checking! (GIF by welshhockeyfan)

The Capitals are currently the second worst team in the league with a 2-6-1 record, so we’re gonna enjoy all the little victories that we can. You know damn well I’m smiling at that GIF.

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  • CDizz

    The assist Ovi got was actually BS. He was the 3rd person to touch the puck before Ribeiro put it in the net.

  • ACN

    But it was his strong play along the boards– hitting, taking a hit, keeping the puck from three Pens, and then passing it over that made that play for Green’s goal, and his hustle to keep the skittering puck in play on the PP goal that continued the cycle which lead to that goal. Ovi got straight up robbed by Vokoun on a couple shots.

    A play can have more than three players involved on making a goal happen, you know. He deserves credit.

  • yeah.. but one of them was a pen.. you think he should get the ass?

  • Rick

    ….So the rules should be changed for Ovechkin because he had a good shift? That’s a ridiculous argument, you know.

  • I think they’re saying he deserves credit, as in a pat on the back and a recognition that he participated in that goal. Not that he deserves a statistical assist.

    In the same way that a screener helps out on a goal without getting credit.

    P.S. assists are a pretty silly stat.

  • ACN

    Yeah, what Peter said. I wasn’t saying he needs the official assist, or that the rules should change for him. Just saying that to imply he deserves no credit for participating in those goals (which I thought you were doing with the term “bs”) is silly. He definitely helped make those goals happen.