Nicklas Backstrom Gnome-7

Photo credit: RMNB’s Chris Gordon

At Monday night’s game against the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Washington Capitals held their most bizarre giveaway yet: the Nicklas Backstrom Garden Gnome. The plaster figurine measures eight inches tall, sporting a striped cone hat and long, flowing blonde locks. Caps players were unimpressed.

“It looks like Phil Kessel,” Troy Brouwer told the DC Sports Bog’s Sarah Kogod. “It’s funny though. That’s gonna freak my dogs out.”

“What’s a garden gnome?” a confused Brooks Laich asked The Washington Examiner’s Brian McNally. “Are there a lot of Caps fans that are gardeners?”

“What a beautiful gift,” Washington Capitals head coach Adam Oates sarcastically remarked to Sky Kerstein. “What a compliment. A gnome.”

Regardless, the gnome was a hit with the 18,000 fans who were lucky enough to get their hands on one. “F@$* yeah got my Backstrom gnome,” Twitter user @MRubin35 said on twitter. “So pumped to be back at Verizon.”

“Got my Nicklas Backstrom gnome,” exclaimed ESPN hockey writer Craig Custance on assignment in the nation’s capital. “Think I can leave DC now, nothing left to accomplish here.”

Caps fans were so excited about their new item, they posted a bunch of creepy photos (and one David Lynch-y video) of the gnome. Below, in honor of Nick Backstrom, I share the 19 best.


This is Rene Bourque’s worst nightmare. (Photo credit: Washington Capitals Instagram)

Nicklas Backstrom Gnome-5

Gnicky Gnome givin’ some sass. (Photo credit: RMNB’s Chris Gordon)

Nicklas Backstrom Gnome-2

Photo credit: RMNB’s Chris Gordon


It’s Christmas morning for these two fans. (Photo via @HeatherHiett)


Photo via @jalison21


Photo via @brandocash


The gnome apparently encouraging MG52 to shave. (Photo via @CapsBN92)


Tiny gnome, large seat. (Photo via @cfmmayes)


“Another two-goal deficit? Gimme the bottle.” (Photo via @lindseynotlohan


DEAL WITH IT. (Photo via @ecindc)


Photo via @WesJohnsonVoice


Hey, Chris Gordon! (Photo via @drew_tomlinson)


From the luxury suite. (Photo via @ZacharyLeonsis)


Love at first sight. (Photo via @ebh0404)


Photo via @MeredithSmith11


Photo via @Krom_Stick

Nicklas Backstrom Gnome-3

Photo credit: RMNB’s Chris Gordon


Gnicky Gnome and The Horn. (Photo via @TheHornGuy)

  • I need one of these, and I will take it around the world and send Nick pictures of it. I’m sure he’ll be pleased/extremely creeped out

  • These are going for big bucks on EBAY!

  • chukwukamso

    Jesus, VC looks empty in the background of some of those…is the sellout streak still going?

  • Yeah, but the definition of sellout is way less than you think.

  • I once again want to thank Horn Guy who is giving me one of these beautiful … things… Sunday. I will let my ferrets attack Gnome Gnicky during play time and it will be AWESOME.

  • Emily Casto

    So excited that my Gnicky Gnome was one of the best 19 – and that it came equipped with an Ian Oland-added Ace Ventura GIF file.

  • Emily Casto

    They’re actually really creepy… but it was a nice distraction from some of the worst parts of the game.