Jay Beagle Wants to Sacrifice a Cow

Run cow, run!

The Caps are playing so bad, sacrificing a goat isn’t even a strong enough metaphor anymore.

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  • kemiisto

    Sheep is a better option. 😀

  • tony d.

    Perhaps a human sacrifice is needed?

  • jennrubenstein

    the goat sacrifice is coming.

  • Hi

    Can we sacrifice Jeff Schultz instead?

  • jennrubenstein

    goat + cow, just to cover all the bases. i wonder if a rabbi could bless them via twitter, i have a friend who might be willing to humor me. just in case there was any question left re: my sanity.

  • pixiestix

    And flak from PETA in 3…2…1…

  • I vote all Caps fans eat hamburgers before tonight’s game against Pittsburgh. It’s GOT to work!