Cow Sacrifice (9 of 9)

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As you might have heard, the Caps have lost a few games recently. No one really has good answer for why that’s happened. George McPhee wants the team to take fewer penalties. Jay Beagle wants to sacrifice a cow. Well, Caps fans can only take action on the latter. And they did. In the parking lot of Kettler Capitals Iceplex following the club’s morning skate before Saturday’s game against the Panthers, rubber cows and goats had their noggins chopped off for a good cause. In the vein of a similar (and successful) plea to the heavens when the Nationals were in the dumps, Jenn Rubenstein of Arlington, Virginia led the ceremonial hacking while the Nats’ rubber chicken man Hugh Kaufman, who spearheaded the baseball version, joined in.

“It was blessed by a rabbi,” she said. “I have a friend from college who went on to rabbinical school and she very graciously agreed to bless the sacrificial animals via Twitter.

“I went to Toys R. Us, I went to pet stores,” Rubenstein added. “I could find nothing that was remotely like a goat. Luckily my neighbor happens to have an Amazon Prime subscription so she graciously agreed to do the actual ordering. We got it rush delivery overnight. Both a rubber goat and a rubber cow. They were the only animals of each of those that I could find. They are actually technically dog toys. I did some minor surgery to remove the stuffing from inside because I figured it would be too hard to cut through otherwise.”

So does this brilliant idea mean the Caps headed for a Stanley Cup now? Rubenstein wouldn’t go that far.

“Maybe this is just the nudge they need to get over the hump,” she said. “I don’t know if I need to be on record claiming that. I think there’s still plenty of time to make it a good season.”

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  • Matt

    Why do these people want to win at this point? There is no Dale Hunter who will ride in like a Knight on a white horse and get this current group of clowns to a 2nd rd game 7. At this point the more losing, the greater chance to FINALLY see a shake up at the GM position/roster

  • Dan

    We don’t need a shake up, we just need to not take penalties, and the players need time to master Oates’ system. The fact that none of our Dmen played during the lockout doesn’t help, but to be fair, I don’t think many people saw the season being saved

  • Peter

    The absolute best”

  • Jenn Rubenstein, you are my hero.

  • Yv

    Ok, after such sacrifices what a wonderful day it would be. It is bright sun outside and, at-least, 4 goals win with Ovis hattrick in order tonight?!
    Your guy on image above in Flyers uniform have causing some media stir about Caps fans remarks in his radio interview. I didn’t hear it but some commentators saying his remarks have been taken out of context, which I may believe, b/c usually he is very cautious in his talks with media.

  • Because it’s too easy to say “let’s lose and get some draft picks and a new GM.” We all get that part but who goes to a hockey game hoping their team loses? We’re all still fans in the end. And as bad as thing are, kudos to these fans for at least hanging in there.

  • #G-dIsNotImpressed

  • vtavgjoe

    This was always going to be a rebuilding year – 3rd coach, mismatched players for whatever system is left, and last year’s very shallow free agent pool. Next year has a very deep free agent pool. Just ride this one out, get a good draft pick(s), and don’t sell the entire farm system for Luongo, and next year will be great.

  • Mike said that towns like Philly and NY and Boston have hockey traditions that go back generations, not just years (which is true), and that in the grand scheme of things, folks in Washington are just hopping aboard the express. That’s true, too. Given the shaft he got from management last year (as they were handing him the keys to his jet ski, all while figuring out to healthy scratch him yet again), I think his comments were pretty obvious, bland and non-newsworthy. He could have been brutally honest, after all. 🙂 I’m a diehard Caps fan but couldn’t be happier to see Mike scoring again. After watching the debacle in Pittsburgh the other night (and last week, too), it’s clear we STILL could use 22. We have no net crashing presence and garbage goal man.

  • jennrubenstein

    haha! we’ll see what she says…

  • jennrubenstein

    i don’t think there is any part of me that could go along with an “it’s okay, let’s just keep losing” mentality. not even during last year’s “suck for luck” campaign. not that i’d complain about drafting seth jones…

  • Matt

    Uhh. What have you seen that leads you to believe the Three Stooges (Ted, George and Dick) will go after. Big FA? Ever since Jagr burned them after his extension, Ted won’t go after any big time FA. That’s why REAL caps fans and not the kool-aid drinkers want them to keep losing until changes are made. 15 years of the same B.S. with George, enough is enough.

  • Just saw that Ovechkin (and a few others) skipped the optional practice. Such great leadership skills during a crisis. Remind me not to follow him into battle.

  • ACN

    Are you Tracee Hamilton in disguise? Skipping an on ice option does not mean that players are not practicing or loafing in bed at home–they’re still in the building, and can be doing anything from reviewing video to working out on the gym equipment. In far, in this shortened season, with Ovechkin being one of the players who did play during the lockout, taking the option to not be on ice in order to focus on something else (like, say, video review) and conserving his strength could be better and more beneficial for him.

    It is such a tired, strawman argument to say a player not being on the ice for every optional is a bad leader, and frankly, I’m sick of people who don’t understand how an actual practice runs using it. Ovechkin can be a good leader by being the best player possible and improving his play– and unless you’re Adam Oates and actually in the room and coaching, you and the rest of us have no idea what that entails, whether it’s being on the ice or not.

  • jennrubenstein

    full text of rabbi leighann’s bracha for the clicking impaired:

    As an emissary to the One Who Spoke and It Came to Be, I hereby place the past downfalls of this team upon the heads of these creatures: Defensive breakdowns, lack of focus, no sense of urgency, a breakdown of team spirit and love of the game. In order that these creatures and the sins I have placed upon them on behalf of the Caps be sacrificed, that these sins shall be no more, & any trace of them shall be obliterated with their sacrifice. So it has been spoken, so shall it be. Amen.

    also, go bucks =)

  • Laying down the pain ACN…