Mike Knuble

Knuble in the Sasha Box.

On Saturday, if you were lucky enough to catch the Carolina Hurricanes game against the Philadelphia Flyers, you got to see two former Washington Capitals players compete against each other: Alex Semin and Mike Knuble.

During the second period, both players were on the ice, and whattaya know: Semin drew a penalty on Knuble. After some work in the corners by Semin, Knuble put his stick under Semin’s hands, and Semin dropped to the ice as if an imaginary piano had fallen on top of him.

Video below the jump.

Video via welshhockeyfan.

Yes, Kanoobs, that just happened. Your old teammate just went Greg Louganis on you, and and now you’re headed to the box.

The Flyers would go on to win the game 4-3. Knuble, who has four points in eight games for the Flyers, grabbed an assist. Semin, who has two goals and five assists so far this season for the Canes, picked up a tripping minor as well.

While we’re talking about other teams, I’d like to give a shoutout to Colton Orr for this one-punch knockout of Rene Bourque.

Rene, karma never forgets.

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  • 28IS(still)GREAT

    Its like a “heros vs. villians” highlight reel for most Caps fans. Just 15 days until 28 makes his return to Verizon Center!

  • Hale

    Well, it wasn’t a tripping call, so falling had nothing to do with it. It was hooking, the action itself on the hands. Semin took a penalty like that in another game where he barely touched the glove of the opponent, lifted the stick, but got called for hooking, but no one will say he didn’t deserve it, right? Hey, but anything to drive tired memes and keep negative thoughts alive, right? I know you claim to like him and miss him, but this kind of stuff without the view from the other side, just feeds that old narrative.

  • Observations and innuendo:

    Semin got held a few seconds before the penalty.

    At the end of that video, Semin nods at a human, who presumably asked him a question in English.

    One has to wonder how Knuble and Semin got along in the Washington locker room. They’re not exactly similar dudes.

  • Hale, great comment, but I don’t agree with most of your points.

    1) I loved Sasha when he was here and was one of his most ardent supporters. That’s not fake. I thought GMGM should have re-signed him — especially with the tepid market for AS28’s services during the summer — and kept him around until Kuznetsov came over. He was the team’s best possession player last year and I think he would have been a great fit in Oates’ new system. Despite Ribeiro’s great play early on, I still think they’re missing him badly.

    2) I do think he’s got a sullied reputation. And real or imagined, most Caps fans would place themselves in polarizing parts of that spectrum. I’ve now done a few posts on Semin in Carolina. One with him with a first look in his new Canes sweater. One with him scoring his first goal. And one of him taking two penalties on opening night.


    Those were the highlights for me. Naturally, since he’s not in a Capitals uniform anymore, when we do actually cover him, we are going to look for the interesting moments. That’s not us trying to invent some narrative. I really wish I was that smart. We do poke fun and acknowledge Semin’s reputation sometimes though.

    3) Okay, so it was a hook in the hands, but Semin fell to the ice like a sack of potatoes as soon as Knuble put his stick on his gloves. It was instantaneous. It was a dive to try and sell the call. I’m not picking on him. That’s literally what happened.

  • Yv

    I dont see anything criminal from Semin here. He stole the puck, then made sharp turn, Knuble hooked him enough that Semin lost footing during the turn, Knuble got 2min. Just for notice, Semin has 10 min in penalties so far, Caps Brouwer has 10, Chimera -12, Beagle -8 min. So, why so much attention on Semin in this department?
    What is more important is how CAR coach praising him and that Semin getting more min on ice than any other CAR forwards, even more than Staals.

  • Im still appalled at what kanoobs said about us all being bandwagon fans….

  • Barrett

    This isn’t diving. Flower during the Caps-Pens game was diving. Look at the position of his body when he’s making that turn after stealing the puck. He falls regardless of Knuble touching him.

  • sentientcheese

    pat mcgee, the full quote is nowhere near as bad as the tweets we saw:

    “It’s great,” he replied. “You talked about New York and Boston, I mean,
    it’s just tradition. Being a Flyers fan, being with the Flyers is
    passed down from generation to generation. Washington, everybody’s a new
    fan. Nobody’s from there really, they’re kind of just jumping on the
    bandwagon. But the cities like Boston, New York, Philly, Detroit, it’s
    like my grandfather was watching, my grandfather was a fan, he passed it
    to his son, then he passes it to HIS son. It’s all the way down.

  • Renee

    I have to say Ian that that was not a dive. He lost his footing nothing more, nothing less.If you’ll notice he is leaning in the turn which is why he fell. He would have fallen regardless. To insinuate otherwise is to feed into the narrative. If your idea of a highlight is to feed the negative press I’ll pass on reading anything more that you print. It is a waste of my valuable time which could be better spent reading true highlights.

  • 28IS(still)GREAT

    While Semin merely burned his Caps gear bag, Kanoobs burned his bridges. Mull on that Knuble lovers.

  • CL

    Not a dive. Watched the whole game and he was pretty well-behaved. The tripping minor was accidental. Surprised you covered this but not his 200th goal/3-point night last night.

  • Yo8

    No mention of Sasha’s 200th goal but a “dive” made a post? Lovely.

  • infinitely recursing negativity towards negativity

  • criminal abuse of figurative language

  • CL

    Semin didn’t even actually burn it. How some Caps fans can hate Semin (who hasn’t given a nasty interview) and simultaneously excuse Knuble’s disgusting comments escapes me.

  • Priscilla

    Ovi would make a good Poppy Popinky.

  • Priscilla