Photo credit: Plymouth Whalers

Caps 2012 first-round pick Tom Wilson (aka “The Ten Train”) has been a big factor in his team’s success of late. After coming back from a five-game suspension, Wilson — second on his team in points per game (1.19) — has been playing some inspired hockey.

Skating mostly on the first line with World Juniors gold medalists Vincent Trocheck (drafted by Florida) and Ryan Hartman (potential 2013 first-round selection), Wilson has tallied seven points in two games (three goals and four assists). In total, the Whalers’ first line has scored eight of the team’s 12 goals during that span and combined for 20 points overall. They are doing this without the services of one of their biggest stars, Rickard Rakell, who has played four games with Bruce Boudreau’s Pacific Division leading Anaheim Ducks.

Follow me past the jump, to check out video of Wilson’s monster games.

On Saturday against the Owen Sound Attack, the young power forward scored two goals and two assists for an OHL career-high of four points in a single game.

Wilson’s goals are at 1:37 and 4:40 marks. Assists are at 2:25 and 6:20 marks. (Video credit: Plymouth Whalers).

On Sunday, in a match-up with the Brampton Battalion, Wilson got two points in the first four minutes of the game. He later added another assist.

Wilson’s goal is 0:40 mark. Assists are at 0:20 and 1:35 marks. (Video credit: Brampton Battalion).

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  • Yv

    Wonder why Wilson still not in AHL?

    Speaking about other former Caps ‘perspective’ who is on the left of your image. Congratulation to A. Semin for 200th NHL goal!

    Watching Car-NYI game you cant help to hear how much Canes commentators excited about A. Semin, his game and role. Trailing 2:3 after 2 periods the line Semin-E.Staal-Tlusty simply sink Isles in third, collecting 9 points combined, including 1 goal, 2a and +4 by Semin just in this period. That’s what you have to write not phantom diving.

  • Jeremiah

    wilson isn’t in AHL because he can’t until season is over. AHL has rules against CHL players playing in the AHL unless they are 20 or older / aged out of CHL or their season is over. I think Wilson is still 18. and Semin choose to play on a divisional rival so if they want to talk about how much he dives, then good because he does dive.

  • Disseminator

    I’ve noticed the Canes have a dedicated Semin highlight segment in every game. And unless he scores or assists up to that point you wonder why they would single him out when lots of people on a team make plays in a game. But then you realize there aren’t a lot of players making $7 million for one season. And I’m sure a lot of fans are wondering if he’s worth that money. Still a lot of season left to prove he is/isn’t worth it.

  • I was at the Plymouth/Brampton game (and am visible as a small red blob a few times in this video, I think). Tom Wilson played a solid game, although not the best I’ve seen from him. He’s great at going to the net and looking for tips and rebounds, and he’s got the stride to backcheck quickly once play starts going the other direction. He might not have the softest hands, but he’s good at getting the puck on net when he has it. It wasn’t his most physical game, although there were definitely some good hits thrown. The collision in the middle of the ice was pretty scary–he and Robinson ran into each other (not a check so much as a crash) and neither got up for about a minute. Robinson got the worst of it, but I could see Wilson checking his jaw when he got back to the bench.

    Connor Carrick didn’t have his best game, either, but the other times I’ve seen him I’ve really liked him, and he wasn’t bad this game either. He jumps up in play a lot and is comfortable carrying the puck up ice, almost taking on a forward role if they’ve got a good rush going. Defensively, he’s not a liability, either. He’s good positionally and had a few takeaways during the game. I think some opponents underestimate him because of his size, but he’s built incredibly solidly and is hard to knock off balance. There was at least one attempt to check him that ended with the other player on his ass on the ice. He’s also good on the powerplay–keeps pucks in at the blue line, likes to shoot the puck.

    And that’s your report from the nigh-empty stands in Brampton.