The Greatest GIF: John Erskine’s 360-Degree Face Plant

John Erskine faceplant

GIF by welshhockeyfan

Lil’ Muffin John Erskine has been awesome this year. He beat up George Parros, he scored a clutch goal, and he’s been quietly playing 18 quality minutes per night (when he’s not suspended).

Unfortunately for John, this is not going to be a fun story. Towards the end of the third period, with the Capitals down 5-4, Big John jumped off the bench as the Florida Panthers came down the ice for a 4-on-2 break. Instead of actually contributing to the play, Erskine falls onto his back and does a 360-degree tumble onto his face. Or in Fedor’s words, he “Colaiacovo’d.”

The Panthers would waste the opportunity, taking a slap shot from beyond the circles, and the Capitals went on to win the game in overtime.

How does Big John’s moment tonight rank with other classic GIF’s? I don’t know. You tell me.

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