Ovechkin palmed a plasma globe during intermission. (Photo credit: @HockeyBroph)

The Capitals have been undefeated, 3-0-0, ever since fans sacrified a rubber cow and goat at Kettler Capitals Iceplex. That doesn’t mean the games have been pretty. Or graceful.

For example, take a look at Thursday’s game against division rival Tampa. The Capitals gained a 4-1 lead, only to surrender two third period goals and barely escape with a win. There were missed poke checks, goals scored from a seated position, and lots of enthusiastic coaching. You know: Caps hockey.

Presenting… the best pics from Caps at Lightning!


Adam Oates close-talks Mathieu Perreault. Perry responds with a MattTrick of assists. (Photo credit: @JennRubenstein)


Calle Johansson makes TB20 laugh after the opening Brouwer Play goal. (Photo credit: @recordsANDradio)


The Erskine Smile, gloriously incomplete. (Photo credit: Scott Audette)


Ovi almost rips Eric Fehr head off while congratulating him on his second goal. (Photo credit: @recordsANDradio)


#Oatesface mode: scowling, thattaway-ing. (Photo credit: @recordsANDradio)


A supine goal-scoring clinic courtesy one Jay Beagle. (Photo credit: @recordsANDradio)


A look at Hendy’s broken nose during an intermission interview. Imagine having to sneeze.


A liiiittle too aggressive. Braden Hextall got a bit out of position on Nate Thompson’s breakaway.


If you photoshop some beers into their hands, it’s a Miller Lite ad. P.S. drink Flying Dog. (Photo credit: Scott Carlson)


John Carlson and Braden Holtby share post-game victory hug. The third in a week. (Photo credit: @recordsANDradio)

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  • labattadm

    During the last caps convention, I asked Ward what his favorite beer was. The answer? Labatt Blue. I believe Ovechkin mumbled something about Brooklyn Brown.

  • Jarreaux

    Man that nose looked pretty bad in person too. It was a great game to be at, plenty of tension and great moments.

  • Rhino40

    To Miller 64…To Miller 64…With Love Sweat and Beers…

  • I love the looks of shock in the crowd above the Caps in the 2nd to last picture

  • bannedinDC

    who is “Braden Hextall”?

  • Nice, let’s keep the good times rolling.

  • Snow-ape

    Please google “NHL hockey before 2008″….

  • Moir

    I was at the game too (sitting back about 10 rows on the caps shoot twice side for $35–imagine the pricetag at Verizon!). I’m so sorry I didn’t get the pic, but the image of Ovi’s face smashed and held against the glass near the end of the 3rd is one I can’t get out of my mind!!!