Peter Talks Capitals, Bunheads on Up the Pucks Podcast


Peter (that’s me!) went on the Up the Pucks hockey/punk podcast to talk about the Washington Capitals, Danzig, and Bunheads. So, ya know, the usual. [NSFW: Salty language, mostly some F-bombs up front]

We spend a good deal of time talking about realignment as well as what’s in store for the Caps soon. There’s some pretty good tunes in there as well, so I heartily giving it a listen. Plus: you can hear Georgia the bulldog snoring the whole time.

This link to the podcast is big so you’ll click it and listen




Like peanut butter and chocolate.

Around the 30-minute mark we actually start dissecting Caps hockey. I identify goaltending as the Caps’ biggest problem (this was recorded a couple weeks ago, so Braden Holtby’s numbers were still atrocious). Then as a group we do the ceremonial reliving of the Washington-Montreal series from 2010, which is still the root of all problems in the franchise.

We go on to discuss what we want out of realignment, rivalries with Pittsburgh, and some advanced stats dabbling.

Lemme know your thoughts– particularly if the four games since this recording have provided a new perspective for you.

Thanks to Brandon and other-Peter for having me on again! I had a blast.

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  • Relevant? I think so.

    Danzig’s shopping list:

  • Hockeynightincanada

    The best format is probably to maintain the 15-15 team conference. If the league were to change the format in which a team moves over to the East, it makes sense to swap Winnipeg with Detroit and Columbus. I guess that means that some solution would have to be made to solve the imbalance. A friend of mine suggested that the 5th seed from an 8-team division can move up and become the 4th seed from the 7-team division.

  • Hockeynightincanada

    McPhee should have been fired one 5-year rebuild plan ago….somewhere in-between the firing of Cassidy and the firesale. A scoring winger to compliment Ribeiro and a top-notch defenseman was the solution we needed for 3 straight seasons and didn’t get it. We could’ve used it last year as well and still failed to do so.

    I could rant for hours about all of the things we did wrong in this re-build, but that’s for another story and time. I don’t want to spread my Goats-blood mentality too much and ruin the spirits of others.

    I did admire what Dale Hunter did during his short time as coach, and I think Adam Oates is basically carrying over what Hunter would have started. They really aren’t that different and if you’ve watched how Hunter runs the Knights, defensive hockey isn’t their only dimensional aspect of the game. With any hockey team, or sports team, defense should always come first. I’m hoping that Oates can transition Ovie’s game, because if he can’t do it, then I’m not sure who can.