The Horn Guy Considers Abandoning the Capitals

NBC4 just posted this terrific profile on superfan Sam “The Horn Guy” Wolk. Beyond the usual lovely sonics, Sam talks about coming to grips with the lockout and even considering the alternatives to hockey. The bit in Landover is my favorite.

Bee tee dubs, check out some of Sam’s art on tumblr and, of course, the esteemed Caps Road Crew.


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  • Thanks for pimping the CRC!

  • Thanks for being a pimp*

    (* non-sex crime version)

  • “Let’s go…… no I can’t..” I died.

  • Hockeynightincanada

    Bwahahahaha…the only thing I enjoyed about the Caps games at Verizon Center.

  • OverDC

    The video isn’t working 🙁