Meanwhile, Alex Semin is Still Doing Stuff Like This

While the Caps are losing thanks to penalty and possession problems, Alex Semin (3 goals, 8 assists) is prancing around North Carolina doing unspeakably pretty things with hockey pucks.

For example, check out this gorgeous pass from Semin to Jiri Tlusty on the Canes’ way to a 4-3 loss to the Jets. In the video above, Semin makes a blind pass through Anthony Peluso’s legs to find Tlusty right at the goal mouth. Uncanny.

The Canes currently lead the Southeast Division, Alex Semin is averaging just .8 penalty minutes per game, and the Caps have a 4.5% chance of making the playoffs. On the bright side, it is 34 degrees and rainy in Raleigh today.

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  • And let’s not forget that over-the-hill (not in our book, of course) Mike Knuble has two goals and four assists in Philly. (And he’s played about five fewer games than most due to late start.) 🙂

  • Amen. Pretty solid bottom-6 skater for PHI right now.

  • And a great dude to have around PHI’s younger pups

  • Right. I would assume someone with Mike’s experience would be just as important off-ice as on, as the Flyers try to stabilize the ship. Who is stabilizing our ship right now? Ovi continues to play spectacularly and matter-of-factly, both at the same time, which is a neat parlor trick. But as a captain, he still appears to be a mystery. (Can’t wait ’til the next optional skate for him to miss.) Ribeiro is more of a leader and he’s only been a game-playing Capital for a month now. Says a lot.

  • The Caps have kept ever player they should let go, and let go of every player they should have kept since 2009.

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  • i miss sasha

  • 28IS(still)GREAT

    Totally looking forward to Tueaday’s match-up against the Canes. And while I hope the Caps win, I also hope Sasha lights it up just to spite all the fools who hated him while he was here.

  • I do too.

  • Sure wish he was still a Cap. . .

  • ERLondon

    Holy shit. I think I just came. What a freakin’ pass.

  • Troy: I agree. For me at least, things started going south after Tomas Fleischmann left.

  • Hokaheyhockey

    Matt, you are really on to something. After all, who would you rather have as your boss? A man who swears a lot, tells it like it is, and keeps on moving forward even with a few losses in a row or a captain that can’t handle bad referee calls, broken plays, or imperfect moments on the ice?

  • Hockeynightincanada

    Agreed…and the players they let go that should have been let go, they could’ve gotten something in return trade-wise. Teams wanted Wideman and Hamrlik at the deadline last year believe it or not.

  • Hockeynightincanada

    “I miss the net” – Chimera

  • Hockeynightincanada

    We’ve let go of every good voice on our team to the point where Hendricks and Lumberjack are all that’s left. With the exception of Feds retiring, we pretty much gave Clarkie, Brads, Arnott, Knuble, Belanger, Steckel the finger either trade or FA. All of them were tough as nails, and called out some of the issues we said was occurring with this team. I still think Chris Clark was our best captain since Huntsy.

  • Ash

    Are you basing this solely on ice production? Because I sure as hell know you probably aren’t in the locker room and on the rink with the team, listening to what’s said by the team. Ribeiro is the better leader based on what? What else would you have Ovechkin do besides play as well as he possibly can? He’s clearly making progress (which you acknowledge and then promptly dismiss.) Go ahead: name me clear examples where Ribeiro is the better leader than Ovechkin. I’ll wait.

    …you keep banging this gong about Ovechkin not going to every optional practice. Newsflash: if a practice is optional, there’s a reason. I am SO sure the Caps loss is all on the fact that they’re looking around and saying, “Hey! Ovi didn’t skate on ice today! That asshole! God, I am so uninspired, I’m just going to not even try!” As has been pointed out before, players do different things when they’re not on the ice. Try to understand that.

    If your entire team cannot play well because its captain doesn’t skate at an optional, WHICH IS SOMETHING EVERY OTHER TEAM HAS DONE (seriously, go ahead and name me a player who has never exercised an optional and how this has been reflected in radiant victory for the team. Go ahead. Back your complaining up. I’ll wait, I’ll wait even longer than I will for your Ribeiro leadership examples.) than your team has way bigger problems than a captaincy issue.