Maria Kirilenko and Ovi's father Mikhail celebrate Sasha's hat trick

Maria with her Slapshot stuffed animal. Dad gives thumbs up. (GIF by welshhockeyfan)

Attending Saturday’s Washington Capitals game, Alex Ovechkin’s fiancée Maria Kirilenko got a special treat. Ovi scored a hatty for the first time in over two years.

While CSN Washington didn’t pan to Kirilenko sitting in the lower bowl, the Devils broadcast on MSG drank from the Ovi-Kirilenko well a lot. They zoomed in on her celebrating with Ovi’s father Mikhail (giving the thumbs up) after Ovechkin’s third goal. MSG’s Deb Placey interviewed Kirilenko during the second period, after Ovi scored his first goal of the night.

Warning: The video is adorable. Risk of hurling unicorns and rainbows is likely in some patients.

Does Alex play better when you’re here? He’s already scored today.

Well, hopefully he’s playing better. When he’s on my side, watching my games, I’m definitely playing better. Today when he scored, I was so happy! It’s really nice.

You got engaged on New Years, which is a big holiday I understand in Russia. It was different because he was home for the first time in a long time on New Years Eve.

It was the first time for me as well. For a long time, I didn’t celebrate the New Year at home. It was amazing. Our family was together, you know, and it was a surprise for them. The father of Alex he was crying, and even I was crying. It was really exciting time.

Is it more nerve-racking to play your own game or watch [Ovi]?

Umm, when you play, you’re more relaxed. You just, you can’t help. You just wanna do something. Of course I feel more nervous watching.

Well I don’t think you’re going to be able to leave, since he has the goal today. Thanks so much for the visit. Congratulations to you two.

Thank you.

Placey makes a good point. Maria, please adjust your schedule and attend every game. You are crucial to our plans for the Cup.

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  • Bryant Thomas

    with booties.

  • Fedor

    Russian accent. It sounds way better than I thought.

  • Hockeynightincanada

    “Is it more nerve-racking to play your own game or watch [Ovi]?”

    Is this in the context of watching your fiance play the sport, or watching him backcheck? 🙂

    Just kidding, well, sort of. He played very well today, and whether this continues or not, the fact that he excelled and cashed in from the RW today shows you have to give a lot of credit to Oates. I still wish Ovie would learn to backcheck and become more balanced, but that’s not his fault as much as it is management/Boudreau/Hanlon.

    If Oates can permanently change Ovie’s game for the better as we’ve seen today, I will nominate Oatsey for King of the world.

  • So happy the Caps played well today!! I have that hat they are wearing!!! LOL

  • Fantastic game, just for the record I predicted an ovi hat trick before the start. Going to go get my lotto tickets now.

  • i can’t wait for the babies