Throw Yer Hats: Alex Ovechkin Scores 11th Career Hat Trick


“YESSSSSHHHH” (Photo via @lifesamixtape)

The Washington Capitals played their most complete game of the season, defeating the New Jersey Devils 5-1. Their Russian captain played a big part in that.

Alex Ovechkin, using solid positioning and system play, scored his first hat trick since December 1, 2012, and his first NHL hatty since January 22, 2011 against Toronto.

Now let’s see this video.

Goal 1

Goal 2

Goal 3

Shoveling the hats

Shoveling the hats

During the telecast, CSN’s Chuck Gormley shared a quote from New Jersey Devils’ GM Lou Lamoriello. The hall of famer explained his success saying, “Your team is like an orchestra. If you want the music to sound good everybody better accept their instrument. When they try to play the drums when they’re a violinist, boy, you’re in trouble.”

Ovechkin made sweet, sweet music today. His three goals came from taking full advantage of his switch to right wing under Adam Oates’ new system. On his first tally, Ovechkin positioned himself on the left circle and fired a one-timer home. On his second, Ovi tried The Move™ — but from the right side and without the predictable curling. And on his hat-trick goal, Ovechkin used Oates’ 1-3-1 formation on the PP to his advantage, one-timing another beautiful Mike Ribeiro pass home from the slot.

Don’t look now: Ovi’s only four goals back of the NHL lead, and on pace for 39 goals in an 82-game season.

What’s wrong with Ovi? Nothing if you ask me.

Video via Max Duchaine

Now throw those hats!

  • Look at that form. Take notes, kids.

  • Hockeynightincanada

    I agree….that hat throw on that last video was straight down the middle.

  • My roommates looked at me like I was crazy when I ran to my room and grabbed my Caps hat and threw it at the TV. They clearly don’t realize that is a perfectly acceptable action for hockey fans.

  • Solid positioning you say? On Goal 1, absolutely. System play? On goal 3, sure. But goal 2 was raw Ovi.