Alex Semin Takes a Puck to the Face, Stays in Game


Photo credit: Jamie Kellner.

During Saturday night’s game between the Carolina Hurricanes and Tampa Bay Lightning, Alex Semin took a puck to the face.

Relax: he’s fine, and his face is mostly in tact.

Photo credit: Jamie

Photo credit: Jamie Kellner

It all happened during the second period. About six minutes in, a puck hit Alex Semin in the side of his face. He fell to the ice, and play was stopped. After a few minutes in the quiet room, Semin returned to the ice, seemingly unscathed except for a puck-sized bruise on his right cheek. Considering Semin’s long-standing reputation as a “soft” player, here’s some striking evidence to the contrary.

Carolina ended up losing to Tampa by a score of 5 to 2. Semin earned four penalty minutes on the night– a trip and a high-stick— and was held without a point. Still, Semin is a positive possession player on a decent team. Carolina is currently second in the Southeast, two points behind Tampa with one fewer game played, and four points ahead of the Capitals.

Carolina comes to Washington on Tuesday night. Semin is expected to play. It’ll be his first game in Verizon Center since April 5 May 9, 2012. Yeah, we’re on it.


Photo credit: oethreads. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Special thanks to Jamie Kellner of for the photos and story.

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  • You mean last regular season game since April 5th-last ever game there was May 9th

  • P.S. Lemme know if you guys would rather us not write about Semin anymore. I figure since he’s coming to town this week, it’s more relevant than usual– but I wanna hear what you think.

  • Hockeynightincanada

    I’ve heard mixed reactions about Semin from Canes fans this year. It’s either been, “he takes stupid penalties and is nowhere near worth what we paid him” or “he’s a solid depth forward with good puckhandling skills and creates space for his linemates on the ice”

    On a side note, will there ever be a season in which the Southeast Division is not the worst in hockey?

  • joe

    you should definitely still write about him.

  • Thanks for the fact-check, Mahesh. Updated.

  • I’m actually surprised that he’s not driving play more than he is. He’s doing fine overall, but I think he’s capable of more.

  • Mesam

    DEFINITELY write more Semin-stories!!! I’m a huge fan…actually journey’d down to Carolina for last night’s game to see him play.

  • MM

    Keep writing about Semin, he’s missed and the updates are appreciated.

  • North West is worse…

  • Hockeynightincanada

    If Sasha cares, we care

  • Hockeynightincanada

    I think there’s a bit of truth to both of these statements. He had a solid game tonight. I think overall he is worth at the most 3.5-4 mil. a season when you factor the ups and downsides of his play. Still a solid 2nd line player.

  • sara

    When you guys do the end-of-season player ratings you should still use the angry Sasha/happy Sasha rating scale haha.

  • Hale

    Hardly second line. First line talent and always has been even when a Cap. Canes seem pretty happy with him. Muller said he probably is the best playmaker on the team, which too many have under-appreciated. He has the same number/minutes of minor penalties as both Staals. It has not been a big deal at all. So refreshing. As much as I miss him here, thank God he is out of this mess.

  • Red

    Keep em coming. A lot of Sasha loyalists out there….they’re just too enigmatic to reply.

  • Too enigmatic… or do they just not care?!

  • BC

    I like when you cover the former Russian Caps, so more Semin and more Varly, please. Varly hangs out in Lancaster/Hershey every summer to make it easier for you. Hopefully Orlov is back from injury soon so you can cover him more, too. Also, I don’t get that situation with Kostenko, why they loaned him to another ECHL team but it might not be for the rest of the season. Any interest in covering the baby Russian goalie?

  • Definitely keep writing about him!!

  • 28IS(still)GREAT


  • John

    Semin is playing great for the Canes and the word you’ve heard isn’t reflected on the fanbase of HFBoards or LetsGoCanes (two of the larger Hurricanes communities).

  • this is late, but. Keep on writing! I miss Sasha and at least here I get to see news about him without the whole bashing/drama thing going on. Most of the time.