Alex Ovechkin may be engaged to Maria Kirilenko, but that doesn’t mean he won’t impress the ladies when given the opportunity. In a new video released by Gillette Russia, The Great Eight performs some fancy trick shots for young Russian women near the rink.

“Sasha, Sasha!” the girls scream in the beginning of the video, asking for an autograph.

“Let me do something better than autographs,” Ovechkin says. “Come with me.”

That’s when the magic happens.


Ovi asks for three volunteers to come out onto the ice with him. “Don’t get scared,” Ovi says.

He lines the girls up in front of the net and tells them, “Don’t move, or this will hurt.”

The Washington Capitals captain then drops a puck to the ice and casually blasts a shot through the three girls’ high heels right into the net. Beaming, Ovechkin asks,”Was that good?”

No, it wasn’t good enough. Ovi skates over to other girls watching from the bench and asks them all to come onto the ice.

After dismissing two women wearing flats, Ovechkin takes a pass from someone off camera and shoots through eight girls’ high heels.

“Was that good?” Ovechkin asks again. The girls reply, “Well done. Sasha, you are the best!”

Of course he is. Smile for the camera, Ovi.


So what do you guys think? Are the trick shots real or fake?

Translation by Fedor Fedin. Thanks to TJ for first posting.

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  • I really wanna say that their real…

  • Bryant Thomas

    i would REALLY like to see this in HD.

  • Jarreaux

    I’m gonna say fake but if there was any player that could do this I’d have to believe Ovi could.

  • CDizz

    Is it just me or does Ovi’s voice sound completely when he speaks in Russian

  • whodis

    no way that’s real. well, at least not in the timing they showed. it would take a lot more time to get all the girls in perfect order so he could shoot through them. i have no doubt he could make the shot, just not in the manner described.

  • i say fake.. i dont think you could get 8girls to co-operate for that amount of time even..

  • Is that his voice…?!

  • I’m guessing no!

  • Cesy Avon

    I misread the title and assumed Ovi was wearing the heels in question :s Oh well, it’s still a neat shot.

  • Pat

    That’s definetly not his voice. I really do not and cannot understand why they are using someone elses voice??? Isn’t Ovie the star here ? Imagine if they shot a commercial with oh lets say Lebron James and they used some random white guys voice.

  • Moira Donohue

    Don’t know or care if it’s fake-it’s SO ADORABLE!

  • I think Gillette saw the Crosby commercials where he was sniping pucks at small inanimate objects and decided they could do one better starring Ovechkin and copious T’n’A.

  • Where do I get a pair of those Gillette gloves?

  • Guest

    Fake shot, fake voice, even fake uniform (I know for a fact the Capitals wear something different). All fake.

  • Fake shot, fake voice, even fake uniform (I know for a fact the Capitals wear something different), definitely fake boobs on at least 40% of the contingent. All fake.

  • I’d love a commercial with LeBron voiced by a random white dude. More specifically, a random Russian dude.