Nicklas Backstrom Has Splinter in New Geico Commercial


GEICO continues its frankly unsustainable onslaught of commercials only tangentially related to whatever service it is they provide (I have no idea, does it have to do with cars?) with this new one featuring Nick Backstrom.

Without spoiling the gag, Backstrom is injured in the ad and also not immediately imperiling any gentlemen up for Academy Awards on Sunday.

File this alongside Mike Green with the cavemen, Backstrom scoring 15 goals in 15 seconds, that gecko doing the Dick Van Dyke accent, the Outer Limits gag, the Dikembe Mutombo one (okay, that one rules), the obnoxious pig, the one where Eddie Money seems to be having a stroke, the “in 15 minutes” series, and oh yeah this is how people in the future will remember us.


Big ups to @awallace39 for the tip.

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