O HAI Alex Semin


You’ve all seen Troy Brouwer’s comments about Alex Semin. Brouwer echoed Matt Bradley, David Steckel, Michal Neuvirth, Pierre McGuire, Marc Crawford, and sarcastic Peter Hassett: Semin is a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get from that enigmatic Sasha Minor.

We’re not here to re-litigate it, even if we have minor quibbles about the substance of his argument.

The fact remains: Semin is back in town, and we all gotta pretend like we’re not emotional basketcases for the next few hours.

It is entirely possible that around around 8:28 pm Alex Semin will rip a filthy wrister over Braden Holtby’s left shoulder. It is entirely possible that his celebration will involve dropping his stick, pointing at Brouwer, and then playing an imaginary djembe. We just have to accept that this may happen.

Like Peter said in June, Semin was a big part of this team. However you choose to characterize that part, it’s true. And tonight the Capitals are going to have to move on– not with words but with  deeds.

So… Ovechkin-Semin open-ice check a la Jagr ? Semin hat trick? Brouwer-Semin fight at opening faceoff? What do you think?

Now please peruse our favorite memories of Alex Semin. You know you want to.

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  • I HEART ALEX SEMIN! Bad teammate? Definitely to some! But I LOVE the guy! Really wish I was watching this one from puck drop. Semin is gonna have a hell of a game. I predict sick dangles, and wicked snap shots into teacups which he will then serve to his adoring Canes teammates. Followed by blank stares, some winks, and some yawning. I see Brouwer checking him every chance he gets. But Semin won’t risk another compelling bongos exposition. Then maybe Brads comes running in from the stands right after Ovi drops gloves with Brouwer for messing with his boy. Or maybe just hooking penalties in the offensive zone and pucks over glass for 60 minutes straight. Such a mixed bag of possibilities. On a serious note, I would love to see everyone do what they do best: shoot, score, check, stick handle, pass, fight, mouth off, chirp, enter the zone, PP, PK…all of it. i want a hockey clinic for all the world to see. We deserve it!

  • As enigmatic as he was, it’s obvious a change of scenery changed him… I still love him and definitely miss his personality!

    My favorite moment has got to be on his birthday last year, when Ovi missed a one-timer at practice, fell on his face, and caused Sasha to barrel over with laughter!

  • capsyoungguns

    “I want stay here. Ten more year. I like play here.”

    Dang it. Now I have a tear in my eye!

  • Bender McDuster

    I like turtles.

  • joe

    i miss this guy. but Ovi will for sure lay him out with a big open-ice hit

  • djlotus

    I hope he toe picks at the beginning of shift. He will probably burn us for 3 or 4 goals though. That will suck. Good for him to not have to play amongst all the criticism.

  • Hockeynightincanada

    Went to Kettler last winter to see the team practice. Got to talk with Hunter and Alan May which was cool, but when it came time to meeting some of the players, Semin was as nice as they come. Couldn’t say the same about some of the others, but no need to bring up names. There was about 20 of us, and he stopped for every one.

  • Hockeynightincanada
  • Trisha

    we need our young guns back! I miss Sasha!!

  • I’ve always liked semin, he had his up’s and down’s and wasn’t really well liked other than by the rest of the young guns. I wouldn’t be shocked if he decides to play really motivated tonight and get a hat trick and a hooking penalty. My last memory of him was in the playoff series against boston when he looked Tim Thomas away and than had a beautiful wrist shot for a goal

  • Devin Shannon

    Thanks, Sasha, for giving my son, William, a life-long memory! For those of you who have been following William’s story, he completed 38 months of chemotherapy last month! Thanks for all of the prayers and thoughts that have been passed our way over the years.

  • 28IS(still)GREAT

    Bring Sasha Minor home in 2014!

  • CDizz

    You guys couldn’t throw in at least one highlight of an offensive zone tripping penalty?!

  • Red

    Great player and a classy dude. As much as he’s been shat on by individual Caps, he never once took a shot back. Glad to see him adjusting well in Carolina. Keep on smiling brotha.