The Alex Ovechkin Pass That Summed Up The Night


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Ten minutes into tonight’s game, I lost all hope of the Capitals winning. It wasn’t the two goals the Caps gave up in the first 4:04 (unlucky goals on broken plays). No, what made me despair was this one terrible pass by Alex Ovechkin that revealed how crummy everyone else was playing. As Ovi curled around the Flyers net, he sent a lackadaisical, no-look backhand pass to …no one. The pass went 185 feet down the ice until Braden Holtby came out of his net to play it. Basically the opposite of how it’s supposed to go.

The Capitals played nearly flawless hockey in Tuesday’s 3-0 shutout of Carolina, but that doesn’t mean that they can come out against the Flyers a night later and play like decapitated poultry. They lacked effort and focus in Philadelphia. As Neil stated earlier, last night’s victory only improved the Caps chances of making the playoffs to 19%. They have a lot of work to do.

In the below video, in which a certain NBC professional blowhard lays into Ovechkin for the zillionth time, please ignore him and focus on the replays.

The Capitals are just too talented and too experienced as a team to have these kinds of games. Let’s hope on Saturday they bring their A game against the Jets, or else the playoff race will leave them in the dust.

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  • Joe

    is it just me or is everyone using the word “lackadaisical” now?
    As popularized by the big lebrouwski

  • Quinn

    just sayin i don’t like milbury but he is totally right. ovi sucked tonight and the stuff he pointed out are real problems. everyone else sucked along with him too. i don’t get how they can go from great game to crap game in one night so easily and so often

  • Here’s some more great analysis from Mike Milbury.

  • I said it in the recap, but I’ll say it here too: Ovi led the team in shots. He didn’t have a lot of cooperation in linemates. I woulda paired him with Wolski and Backstrom halfway into the second period and let him work.

  • Maybe, but Ian’s been using it for a long time. I know because I always spell it wrong (lacksadaisical) and he corrects me.

  • Chris

    I wouldn’t consider that a terrible pass. If he was in his defensive zone, yes. Surprise! No Capitals player infront of the net….remind me how Philly scored 3 of their 4 goals.

  • Chris

    I would have parked him on the bench for all the reasons Milbury discussed. That acting job was pathetic.

  • Hockeynightincanada

    As much as it pains me to say this, Milbury was spot on tonight (excuse me while I go puke now).

  • Hockeynightincanada

    This was the reason Hunter also benched him when the Caps ever had the lead during games….Good for being out there when the Caps needed a chance to tie it or take the lead, but a huge defensive liability on the ice.

  • Kevin

    It’s sad cause Milbury is a moron but your blind faith in Ovie is sad. He has never been a leader. If he wasn’t on the books for 9 more years he’d be in Hershey. Everything that Milbury said was spot on. Oh he head the team in shots? Great how about do things that leaders do? But it matters not. People who know less about hockey than Milbury will continue to defend him. And you call Milbury a moron?

  • Dave

    Agreed with everyone who doesn’t like Milbury, but thought he was onto something tonight…

    Although, regarding the embellishment of the high stick, a) that probably legitimately hurt and b) Green got no call later for a high stick to his face and just toughed it out. Maybe Ovi held his head back a bit too long, but drawing penalties is valuable…

  • dmill

    Kevin — you serious about this guy being in Hershey? If he was that bad they’d amnesty him and move on.

    Even at his worst Ovi is a top 25-30 player in the league.

  • dmill

    Chris — throwing the puck in front of hte offensive net is rarely a bad move, especially when it’s a floater like that. what’s weird is no d-man could come ove rin time to pick it up.

  • sean

    How can anyone defend Ovies performance tonight. It wasn’t just him though, they all sucked. We have been beat by teams that have played back to back games, why is being tired an excuse for us? PATHETIC.

  • sean

    If I was ref I would have given him a double minor for it, or an Oscar.

  • vahockeymom

    That’s exactly what I was thinking. That’s a great pass if someone else in white had bothered to head to the net…

  • Allow me to point out DiPietro is on the books for the next 300 years and he’s in the AHL.

  • Mike Millbury is the poor man’s Don Cherry.

  • KareeLyn

    Am I late on the Big Lebrouwski? That’s clever.

  • Sasha8Alex

    Ah, Milbury again, can’t get a job as a coach or anything directly related to hockey; so he picks someone and constantly trashes him; this from a “grownup” who hit a 12 year old but said sorry; maybe Ovie should say “sorry” when he doesn’t play up to Milbury’s standards; any stats out there comparing Ovie and him? I never watch NBCSports or any other program where he is the commentator, and I get Center Ice; he’s rude and constantly interrupts, his opinion is the only correct one, it seems. Seems like only poor Keith Jones is the only one who can be on the same set; guess Keith lost the rock, paper,scissors contest.

  • Quinn

    I’ve been reading and commenting on this blog for years and to get a response from one of the head honchos himself has kinda made my day! thanks peter

  • Ash

    It amazes me how many people think getting smacked in the mouth by a hockey stick doesn’t hurt at all and one would have no reaction to it. Trust me, it hurts. Oddly enough, people do tend to flinch when they get hit in the face. And it you get hit in the face by a stick and it’s legit? I want it to be noticed; I want that powerplay. Ovi making sure the ref knows it’s a penalty is what a captain is suppsed to do.

    But I’m so sure everyone getting on his case for embellishment would be stoic and play through it because that’s clearly the manly thing to do.

  • Preach on. My initial reaction was: Acting!

    But no. That had to hurt.

  • KareeLyn


  • Rhino40

    Ouch! Good one!

  • Rhino40

    ^2 on that–I have taken sticks and pucks to the face more than once–such is the lot for any hockey playerso for a defenceman. No, if you want to give out Oscars in the NHL those would have to got to Brad “Little Ball of Hate” Marchand of the Boston Bruins and just about any Penguins’ player.

  • Rhino40

    oops…that was supposed to be “even more so for a defenceman”

  • Danny

    I’ve been hit in the face with a puck or stick before. Yes it hurt. It didn’t, however, lead to me looking like Willem Defoe when he got shot in Platoon.

  • Rhino40

    …and that’s an insult to Don Cherry. Though bombastic, chauvinistic, xenophobic, obnoxious, and of questionable sartorial taste, Mr. Cherry has at least one positive quality that the All-Galaxy Master Diüxe-Bägge Milbury lacks:
    Don Cherry is–from time to time–actually amusing. Even–dare I say it?–entertaining>. You almost get the feeling that–at the end of the day–he really doesn’t take himself all that seriously.
    By contrast, having to listen to Milbury’s swill–on top of perhaps the Caps’ most woeful team performance this season–was like garnishing a toxic-waste sundae with rat poison.

  • Ash

    So have I. Maybe I’m just not as good at hiding my reaction when I get hit in the face. I just don’t see getting on his case for it– it’s a lose-lose situation to either ask him to play it up (what a bad example, he’s a bad leader!) or play it down (a smart player would havve made sure the ref noticed that to get the call for his team!) Ovi seems to always get set up to lose no matter what he does in a lot of situations.

    So, the better play is to shake it off and possibly lose a power play? No thanks. There are more egregious examples he’s had where we can justifiably call Ovi out on diving or embellishment for; last night’s wasn’t one.

  • I enjoy Don Cherry, I know some of the Caps fans think he’s a blow hard, idiot, xenophobe, etc. etc. but he’s the definition of North American hockey and I love the man.

    Mike Millbury is trying to rip him off, and slam people and get publicity.

  • Swhirly

    Honestly, all Milbury is trying to do is be an ass and get shock value from his comments. We ALL know he hates Ovechkin and the Caps in general. We also ALL knew Ovechkin had a horrific game last night. Difference between Milbury and every other announcer is that they aren’t going for the throat just to do so. Announcers can say all the things Milbury did in a way that isn’t so douchy – but why would he care to do that, he’s Mike Frickin’ Milbury!?

  • i dont care how bad ovechkin played last night milbury is an idiot for constantly going after the best winger in hockey its a joke.

  • Lets me criticize each clip.

    1. Look at the clip, look at where Green is a 0.5 second before that.
    2. He one hands the puck forward after falling, How the hell is that no fight, beautiful play.
    3. There were several other uncalled penalties. including a 2 handed slash on Ovechkins hand(theres a reason why he wears slash guards unlike 99% of hockey players) he didn’t do anything until the he had already shot the puck, getting no call of course.
    4. Whats the bad play exactly by Ovechkin? He was wide open, why does he have to move? The whole point of a PP isn’t to skate towards opposing players, the best PPs try skate away and pass the opposite direction to tire PKers. Green should of passed to Ovechkin, instead he passes to Perreault(and doesn’t even do a good pass and misses him), and then Perreault had a wide open passing lane to Ovechkin. Ovechkin was standing in a good spot.
    5. Nothing play, does everything but get an interference or holding penalty and ties up his mans stick nicely forcing a nothing shot.
    6. Alzner should of been farther over. Holtby soft goal, it hit the back post between the body and the arm.

  • Rhino40