Note: I’m writing this post heavily medicated and a day after right-leg surgery. Yes, I’m hockey-player tough.

While the Washington Capitals got outplayed in the first period of Saturday’s game against the Jets, they came out strong in the second , scoring some goals and getting a little cocky. I love it when my favorite team gets cocky. Particularly because it can lead to a line brawl, one started by five-foot, ten-inch (yeah right) French Canadian Mathieu Perreault.*

After absorbing a legal shoulder-check from tough guy defenseman Zach Bogosian, Perry decided to get a lil’ saucy and slash Bogosian in the legs. Bad idea.

Where is Ovi going? (Jets feed video from welshhockeyfan)

Bogosian puts Perreault in a headlock, and everyone gathers at the red line, fash-washin’ and brawlin’. Two important developments occur.

First: Hendy Face. It’s just a little bit tougher than Oates Face.

Hendy Face



GIFs by welshhockeyfan

Second, Karl Alzner: Tough Guy Edition makes his first appearance since January 13, 2012, when he threw down with Steve Downie.

Watch as Karl forcefully removes the plumpest guy in the league, Dustin Byfuglien, from the scrum with ease.

Enforcer Karl Alzner



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I love Alzner.

Then, a few minutes later, Alex Ovechkin laughs at Mark Stuart, attempting to check the Russian machine with his hand around his throat.

Ovechkin is soooo very intimidated. Apparently Stuart doesn’t remember about the whole Russian machine not breaking thing.

* This is actually the second line brawl Mathieu Perreault has started. What’s the deal and why does he always play The Rag Doll role?

  • In Byfugliens defense, if Karl Alzner was a doughnut Karl would have been in trouble

  • Chris

    Re: where was Ovie going, was he the 6th guy on the ice?

  • Robert

    shouldn’t it be written line “brawl”?? no one punch thrown, as far as I could tell.

  • It was actually a line “donnybrook,” according to the audio… and MP *is* 5’10”, if you count the skates. I’m curious if he used the fetal-position defense way back in Acadie-Bathurst–I know I saw it a lot in Hershey. Protect the face!

  • Hockeynightincanada

    If Alzner was a doughnut, Don Koharski would have found his dessert.

  • Marcus

    I love the team first mentality, and that Hendy, Wardo and even Alzner had Pierogie’s back. You know it’s a good cause if Alzner’s involved, especially against Buffy.
    What I didn’t like was that around 8 seconds in, you see Ovi pick up his stick and skate to the bench. None of us wants to lose him for a game (or more) to a stupid penalty, but you’re the captain, Ovi. Those are your boys. You get in there and f things up. The C on your front means you have everyone’s back.
    Tip of the hat to the rest of the team for being just that, a team. Tonighr showed how that wins games.

  • vahockeymom

    Best part, by far, Ovi laughing at Stuart. That was the moment of the game for me.

  • serpent

    Bingo! Ovi can count.No point in taking a stupid penalty.

  • Yv

    Completely wrong accusation and calling of Ovi. Team mentality means win the game and don’t take any stupid penalties. That was smart move by him, extra man during the brawl could be penalized even more.

  • Yo8

    LOL by far the most contradictory comment hahaha! I prefer the Ovi who thinks with his head instead of acting on his feelings because jumping on a fight just because you are wearing a ‘c’ is more about feelings than strategy. In other words just plain stupid! What was he going to do there anyways? It was a two on two fight that was building up and the others were roughing more than fighting. The referees interference was good enough.

    Call me when someone is actually getting kill and Ovi does nothing.

  • Rhino40

    Perfect!!!! ROGDFLMMFAO