Climbing the Southleast


After spending the last two months in the basement, the Caps have clawed their way into a three-way tie for second place in the Southeast. They’re still six long points out of first, but this thing sure as hell ain’t over yet. The Caps and the Canes meet for the last time on April 6. It’s going to be huge.

Please take a good long gander at those standings– because after this season the Southeast is going the way of the dodo, Fred Durst, and the Capstronaut. Next season, the Caps will be playing in the Patrick++ Division.

And you thought you hated Pittsburgh now.

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  • Joben

    Except Winnipeg just won, putting Caps in a tie for third place in the division

  • but for one glorious moment in time…

  • tkwetzel

    That glorious moment was very short and does not count IMHO…however, the Caps have a game in hand over Winnipeg and would win the tie-breaker putting them firmly in second place with another win (the way I look at it at least). They also win the tie-breaker over Tampa currently as well putting them in 3rd (not tied for 3rd).

  • Another thing is the Lightning lost, so the Caps have 2 games on them while being tied with them.

    Though I’m not a fan of their misery, because they will probably end up with a really good pick in the draft…

    Another interesting development is MoJo is cleared for contact. He’s yet to play with Ribeiro, so its an unknown and could be a great line with MoJo-Ribs-Ovi.

  • Winnipeg plays Florida tomorrow. I’m rooting for the Cats because 1) even if they tie the Kitties tie the Caps in points, the Caps will have games in hand and 2) Florida has five loser points, while the Caps have only lost one overtime game.

  • This is an unreal bounce-back from where this team was a few weeks ago.

  • sentientcheese

    leave hendy up on the top line! ever time he’s up there the top line is scoring. or it feels like it.

  • Yv

    Those next pair of two games vs NY teams and CAR could be a turning point of the season and standings. But I’m a little worry about Isles game. Caps might decide to win the game with minimal efforts to preserve themselves for Sunday NBC showcase game with Rangers and MikeM. While Isles at home usually playing very hard vs Caps.

  • Hockeynightincanada

    I am not a fan of the re-alignment, at least not with Detroit coming over. Columbus makes sense, but you can’t separate Detroit from Chicago, St. Louis, or even the Avs (which is a rivalry that has somewhat died down, but still a great matchup).

    Tampa also seems unhappy with the move, which contrasts with the Panthers. Now if you swapped Carolina with Tampa, that might make things more interesting, especially considering the fact that Carolina once played in the same division as the Habs, Bruins, Sabres, and Senators when they were the Hartford Whalers.

  • Rhino40

    This realignment ‘Charlie Foxtrot’ has Bettman’s stinking, incompetent, grubby fingerprints all over it.–It was asked by one poster on CI “Why couldn’t they just move Winnipeg to the West, Nashville and/or Columbus to the East, and call it a day?”
    No, that would have made too much f*%$) SENSE!!
    The only logic I can see behind this is:
    1) Room is made for Bettman to esxpand the NHL to more cities that can’t support it (e.g., Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Houston) rathwer than cities that can (Quebec, Hamilton, Seattle), thus perpetuating his ongoing c*ck block of Jim Balsillies efforts to acquire a franchise.
    2) Placing the Caps in an even more brutal division to ensure that the Cup drought continues indefinitely.
    Fire Bettman NOW!

  • Rhino40

    Sorry ’bout the typos, folks…I’m just upset.

  • Someguy

    Oh hi I am Neil Grenburg. This team is just lucky and it won’t last – I would know I’ve been watching hockey from afar ever since I logged baseball stats. Can’t argue with random numbers in a game where intricacies and intangibles rule. The corsi is off its mark, fenwick is through the roof and there is negative kitty possession amongst caps players which means I conclude bottom 5 roster league wide send me money thanks.

  • numbers don’t lie, bro. if the team gets better it’s because their stats get better. if intricacies & intangibles rule, it’s because they improve the numbers in the meta. that’s not to say a team can’t change it’s numbers game-by-game.