Alex Ovechkin and Maria Kirilenko as kids

Photo credit: @mkirilenko

Thanks to Maria Kirilenko, we have moar child photos of Alex Ovechkin. To the left, Baby Sasha, wearing suspenders, enthusiastically high-fives a person just out of frame, probably Baby Alex Semin. To the right, baby Masha smiles pensively. This is because her pants have been pulled up chest-high and she is having circulatory problems.

If you have exquisite tastes like me, check out some more amazing photos of Ovi as a kid.


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  • moarOvi

    When were these photos taken, 1887? I’m older than Ovi by a few years and even I have photos taken on good ol’ American 35mm color film.

  • I’m assuming that’s an Instagram filter.

  • Suzanne

    i don’t know, ian. are you sure it’s a filter? this IS russia we’re talking about here…

  • In Soviet Russia photograph take you.

  • When i lived in DC, there was this Safeway over in Woodley Park (if I remember correctly) that we used to call the Soviet Safeway because there was never anything on the shelves…

  • I actually think it’s a bad scanner. Or photos not being properly stored.