During the Capitals’ 5-2 loss to the Islanders Saturday, the team showed resilience coming back from two one-goal deficits. The first comeback happened early in the second period, when Joel Ward, no wait I mean Mathieu Perreault — really, it was Ward. Are you serious bro? No way man. Well, when one of them scored on the power play to tie the game at one goal apiece.

How about you look at the video and just tell us who scored.

When Ward and Perreault returned to the bench, a friendly argument ensued. CSN cameras caught Perreault pointing at his chest, as if to say, “It was all me.” Ward shook his head.

A light moment in a dreary game.

If you ask me, it was totally Perreault’s goal. I mean Ward’s.



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  • Ward shot first

  • No uh. I think Perreault was the only person who got his stick on it.

  • Perrault was definitely the second shooter on the grassy knoll.

  • Totes Matty P, but Ward made a good sell with that jabbing motion…

  • jennrubenstein

    it didn’t look like ward’s stick made any contact with the puck. not sure if there’s a camera view with indisputable evidence, though. i still say it was a perreaultchocinco goal.

  • Ward didn’t even touch it, haha. 100% Perry.

  • A Fine Messi

    only in the Director’s cut. In the original, Han shot first.