Photos and GIFs from the lovely and talented welshhockeyfan.

On Tuesday, Alex Semin finally earned a point against his former team, an assist on Joe Corvo’s first period goal. But one nightmare shift in the second period threatened to spoil Sasha’s whole night.

Right after a faceoff,  Alex Ovechkin shot the puck, the blade of his stick catching Semin flush in the cheek during his follow-through. Ovi’s ex-BFF fell to the ice like a sack of vodka. When Semin got up, he had a bright red mark on the right side of his face.


Then, just 30 seconds later, Semin took another high stick to the face. Braden Holtby passed the puck to Cameron Schilling, who was curling behind the net. The Holtbeast gave Semin some more sweet chin music as he skated by.


(Maybe it was intentional…)

Semin moaned on the ice, apparently injured. That second hit drew blood, and Semin required some attention from the trainers once he returned to the Carolina bench. But Sasha didn’t miss a shift, because he’s a gosh-darn hockey player after all.

Way to make Semin feel welcome, guys.

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  • vahockeymom

    When you see the Holtby stick in slow motion….well, I’m sure it was an accident.

  • serpent

    First one’s an oops, but Holts? That’s one crappy way to treat Sasha or anyone else, for that matter. I’m surprised the zebras didn’t call that one ,what with the way calls have been going lately.

  • Bobby

    Ovie’s was a follow through, therefore, no penalty. And there is no rule against a Goalie high sticking, only skaters.

  • serpent

    They do seem to invent some just for us, though.

  • Jef Buzz

    All is good should have crunched through the boards, Oleksy’s was great but we could have sure used the points instead.