Tuesday morning at 7:25, former Capital Alex Semin got his wake-up call courtesy of Elliot in the Morning. EITM’s resident mama Diane quarterbacked the call, gently chiding Semin for sleeping through morning practice. After a few monosyllabic grunts, Semin hung up. Twelve hours later, he set up Joe Corvo for the game-winning goal. #BlameEITM.

Artist rendition of Semin answering the phone.

Elliot’s escalating apologies for Semin’s name are maybe the best part. Diane and Semin finally speak at the 4:45 mark.

Semin: Allo’

Diane: Sasha!

Semin: Whaddup.

Diane: Sasha?

Semin: Whaddup.

Diane: Hey, man. You’re late for morning practice! Are you going to get up?

Semin: Who’s that?

Diane: Serena.

Semin: Who??

Diane: Serena. From the front office. Come on. We need to get ready for the morning skate. Did you forget to set your alarm ahead because of the time change?

[Breathing, audible confusion]

Diane: Are you there?

[Semin hangs up]

After conferring with expert Russian person Igor Kleyner, we have concluded that Semin spoke no Russian. That was all English or possibly some kind of glottal-snap-and-grunt-based language that Sasha speaks only among his confidantes.

It probably didn’t achieve the intended outcome, but valiant effort. Way to go, class.

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  • Jesus fucking christ, that radio host sounds so fucking annoying!

  • How bad am I at making videos? I just noticed that I accidentally left the Ken Burns effect on that photo. So over the five minutes of audio, it zooms-in really, really slowly on Sasha’s face.

  • <——- Thought that was deliberate. Makes it even better.

  • Eric G

    Agreed, I am not generally a fan of his voice, although he does do a lot for Capitals exposure in the DC area.

  • Hockeynightincanada

    EITM actually used to be a really great radio show….used to listen to it on the way to work every morning. Unfortunately it’s gotten too repetitive, and they’ve had to tone down the content because they’re owned by Clear Channel Communications (which is the reason radio stations here are crap). Lost a lot of great personalities on the show such as Kyle and Flounder as well. Don’t listen to it anymore.

  • brian!

    Yeah, he was great in the early 2000’s (remember the Beltway Race?) but the show quality has suffered in the ensuing years. Blame Clear Channel.

  • Except for some time in college, I’ve listened pretty much every day since they went on the air. Elliot is the best interviewer I’ve ever heard (he actually reads the books, does the research.) He’s more into the hockey than any guy on sports talk radio.

    I think it’s a fantastic program. But peeps can have other opinions. All good.

  • Agreed, man. The first time I listened to EITM was during my senior year of high school (2002) in art. Our entire class unanimously agreed to play it while we were painting/working. Since then, I’ve been hooked. The educated attention he gives to hockey is awesome.

    Since then, it’s the only thing I listen to on the way to work. Not sure why you guys are hatin.’ Oh, I guess this is why.

  • billsfan

    “It probably didn’t achieve the intended outcome, but valiant effort.” Especially since the Caps sucked the big one last night. Oh – and really smart – can’t even call the right hotel to begin with. You call this funny radio? Not even close…