The happy couple. (Photo credit: @mkirilenko)

Every blogger has that day in his life when he must link to Huffington Post. For me, that day is today.

HuffPo has reprinted an AP story in which the Ovi and Maria finally divulge some details on their upcoming wedding. Emphasis on some. Here is all the information I gleaned from the piece:

  • No wedding date set yet (insert snide joke about no playoffs opening up Ovi’s summer schedule).
  • “I think all the young girls, they want to have the best dress, the best wedding, and everything the best.” – Maria on planning the wedding. So this is gonna be a thing then, is it?
  • Maria is BFFs with Stella McCartney, so there’s your dress right there, folks. Also, possibly wedding band if she plays her cards right and Ringo isn’t busy.
  • Maria on Ovi and the Caps: “I want him and the team to win so much.” She is markedly anti-stop-winnin’-for-McKinnon
  • Ovi’s advice to Maria: “Just go there and beat them.” Also, optimize scoring lines with offensive-zone deployments and carry the puck less during zone entries. Maybe he didn’t say that last part. You’ll have to read the AP article to find out.

That’s pretty much it. You can read the whole article– from which I’ve already extracted all the stuff you might care about– by following this link right here. Boom!

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    *Ovi’s advice to Maria