Ovi’s smiles are getting progressively weirder as the night goes on. (Photo credit: @ovi8)

With Alex Ovechkin scoring his 700th point and the Capitals escaping Raleigh with a win over division-leading Carolina, the players were in a festive mood. That might explain why half the team started tweeting after the game, shooting congratulations to Ovi (#respect), describing the victory with a three-letter word, and posting… well… other weird things.

Take a look for yourself.

  • dale hunter

    perhaps the start of something

  • Akay15

    Holy mop, Greenie.

  • Clare

    can’t. control. feelings.

  • Clare


  • We should all spell it this way: tournoment

  • what a toxic group of assholes.

  • vahockeymom

    What a bunch of dorks. Still….gotta love them. Oleksy is my new favorite. LOL all around.

  • Rhino40

    I always say: The one thing I envy about professional athletes isn’t the money, the fame, or the lifestyle (although I’m sure all those are very nice). No, what have always envied was that they get to make as living doing what they love–few people in any line of work can claim that.

    Well, now add to that list of perqs: getting to tweet (twøt? twut? twite? tpvfdwu? чирикать?) your ass off on an airplane without getting harassed by the flight attendants!

  • serpent

    Aw. I think they’re cute when they’re happy like this.

  • sentientcheese

    with so many of them on twitter now. wins have gotten more awesome

  • Gunjin

    Is it me or does Mike Green look like fat Mac from it’s always sunny?