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After winning the HockeyAllsvenskan’s regular-season championship, Leksands IF and Caps prospect Filip Forsberg secured a place in the Kvalserien — a 10-game round-robin tournament featuring the four best Allsvenskan teams and two worst Elitserien teams. The franchises duke it out to decide which two clubs will play in the top-tier Elitserien next season.

Leksand got a few weeks of rest before tourney while other teams fought for wildcard spots. The break sure seemed to help Leksand, who beat Sodertalje SK and the Nylanders 3-1 in the Kvalserien’s first game in front of a sizable crowd (6,772). Forsberg showed off his skill and speed, scoring twice in the win. His second goal was the game-winner.

Forsberg’s first goal came just 53 seconds into the contest. After a picture-perfect breakout from their zone, Forsberg took a pass at center ice, then turned on the jets to beat a Sodertalje defenseman. The 18-year-old then teased a shot on his forehand before deking and scoring on his backhand.

Four minutes later, Forsberg scored again. This time, after shooting, Forsberg went hard to the net, collected his own rebound, and then beat the Sodertalje goalie to the left post. Scoar. The HockeyAllsvenskan’s Best Under-20 player then celebrated by taking an Ovechkin-esque jump into the glass.

On Saturday, Leksand will face Orebro HK in the second game of the tournament.

See. We told you this team has some high-end talent coming.

Additional reporting by Ian Oland.

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  • Phil

    I guess i’m just out of the loop, but is he possible for next year? or the 14-15 season?

  • Jason Rogers (PuckBuddys)

    Correct me if I’m wrong fellas, but my understanding is Forsberg is coming over next year, and Kuznetsov the year after.

  • So much hope doe…

  • yup, that’s the plan.

  • Alex

    You would be correct, good sir.

  • I believe McPhee brings Forsberg over as soon as his season in Sweden is over. So a few weeks. Not sure how much if any he’d play, but it’d make sense to start the transition with him as soon as possible.

  • GuestZ

    Pretty sick. My only thoughts is that just like Ovechkin being awesome in the KHL, who knows how this kid will transfer over to the NHL. I’m excited to get FF and EK on our bench, just pointing out we don’t know how they’ll turn out. I can’t wait to find out, but I’d rather we not keep sucking butthole right now…

  • Jeremiah

    Forsberg can be brought over without having to go through waivers due to him signing before the lcokout. the caps depth issue in prsospect is in the d emn and center since kuzya has been used more as a wing i thought i read recently.the linked artile about ovi … to set him asa 2- to 3- goal scorer is pretty low and short sighted he was two away from 40 last year with career lows in ice time

  • Pete

    Will Forsberg play center when he comes over? He looks like he’s playing on he wing in these highlights.

    Also, I’m ridiculously excited about the Cap’s 2012 draft picks FF, Wilson, Barber.

  • Pete

    OK, did some research and he’s definitely a wing, just like EK, TM, and RB. The only left shot of the bunch is EK, who despite what he say’s, I’m not optimistic he comes over.

  • Hannes

    Forsberg is a winger not a center.

  • Kutzy said he will be over after Sochi which is February 14.

  • GmGm doesn’t draft Centers don’t you all know that by now.