Har har. Bruins fan taunts Ribs. (Photo credit: Emily C.)

The Washington Capitals and Boston Bruins have developed an intense rivalry since their back-and-forth seven-game series in the first round of the playoffs last year. From the Olympic-quality dives from Brad Marchand to Nicky Backstrom’s cross-check to the face, it’s apparent these teams hate each other.

That’s why on Saturday, as they played each other for the second time in 16 days, all hell broke loose. First, Mike Ribeiro fought Brad Marchand, and Matt Hendricks laid down the law with Nathan Horton. Then, in the third period, as Shawn Thornton tried to get Hendricks to drop the gloves, Hendy bloodied his fists in a fight with Adam McQuaid.

Let’s recap all the crazy.

Mike Ribeiro Fights Brad Marchand

As Mike Ribeiro skates out of the defensive zone, Marchand drops his gloves and starts throwing haymakers. What’s the point of the instigator penalty if it’s never called? The two exchange punches. This was Ribeiro’s first NHL fight. Way to go, Ribs.

Matt Hendricks Fights Nathan Horton

The Capitals, incensed that the Bruins would fight one of their skill players, immediately look for retribution. Before the period ends, Hendricks finds Nathan Horton at the blue line, drops gloves, and bloodies his face. As Hendricks skates off to the locker room, Shawn Thornton tells him he’s going to eff him up.

Mike Ribeiro vs. Taunting Bruins Fan

While Ribs serves his major in the box, a Bruins fan does the crybaby face to him. Uhh, that’s Karl Alzner’s move, dummy.

Matt Hendricks Fights Adam McQuaid

As Thornton coaxes Hendy into a fight, the Blaine, Minnesota native instead chooses the man taking shots at him all day, Adam McQuaid. Hendricks bloodies his knuckle during the bout.

Matt Hendricks Puts Boston Fan In His Place

Finally, as Hendricks skates off the ice for repairs, a Boston fan grabs at him and yells something probably impolite. Hendy points at the fan, warning him that if he doesn’t stop, justice will have to be served again.



Photo via @ChrisLicodo

All in all, there were 42 penalty minutes, three fights, and one Capital player yelling SUCK MY F!^#&^ D!^& on live TV. Oh, hockey. You’re the best.

  • isn’t there a rule against fighting with a visor, like Marchand is?

  • I think this came up in 2011 when Beagle fought. I don’t think so.

  • I swear, Hendy was the only positive about that game.

  • Marchand was clearly the instigator in that fight. He was going after Ribeiro to fight, and was instigating with a visor. He should’ve gotten three penalties: 5 Min. Major for Fighting, 2 for Instigating, and 2 for Unsportsmanlike.

    46.6 Face Protection – If a player penalized as an instigator of an altercation is wearing a face shield (including a goalkeeper), he shall be assessed an additional unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

  • Great reserach, Daryoush.

  • The ref decided not to assess the instigator, so neither penalty was called. Poor decision by said referee. However, it probably would not have impacted the outcome of the game – the Caps were flat.

  • Road worrier

    Hmmmmm the Ducks are 20-3-3 per that screen shot. Must be their coach.

  • The visor rule is almost never called, or at least I’ve never seen it called before.

  • SO_CAL_Brat

    Hendricks = Respect

    I agree Danielle. He was the only reason my remote didn’t get thrown through the tv today. Class act.

  • Joben

    They definitely dumped BB way too quick. Sure they were on a losing skid, but the year prior he won the President’s trophy for the club and had a stellar start to the season. The real problem is GMGM, they should have axed him a long time ago.

  • Joben

    The refs blew almost all the calls for the Caps today, you shouldn’t be surprised they overlooked the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

  • Good job Matty, looks like a lot of fustration will be coming. This is the year to miss the playoffs but I hope they figure it all out by October.

  • Erin McGann

    I don’t think BB was the problem-not sure what exactly is but wasn’t all BB-that much is clear

  • Krusty

    yeah, because the Caps got their asses kicked worse than he did.. thrown down by a non fighter, Nathan Horton, after Hendricks sucker punched him and then pounded by Adam McQuaid. If he had actually gone with Thornton, he’d probably still be at Mass General getting stitched up.

  • krusty

    they both have visors, moron… Ribiero is 6-0, Marchand is 5-6 and you guys are crying because Marchand challenged him to a fight… waaaaaahhhh.

  • No ones crying dick.

  • rusty

    yeah Thornton is such a badass with John Erskine of the lineup

  • Hockeynightincanada

    What a pathetic and emotionless performance yet again by our boys…but no surprise, the Caps rarely ever stand up for each other, specifically for the player that deserves some support the most. Hendricks, the one guy that stands up for everyone, gets no help whatsoever. The poor play and lack of depth is an accurate reflection of how McPhee has built this team….soft and inaccurate.

    When Erskine, Oleksy, Volpatti, and Hendricks mean so much to this team, it clearly establishes what lack of depth we have on this team.

  • Hockeynightincanada

    Boudreau lost the team, he said so himself. I liked Bruce, but his firewagon hockey doesn’t work in the postseason. Doubt the Ducks will get far in the playoffs as well, but I guess we will wait and see. Then again, the mess he got into with this team was not so much his doing as it was GMGM’s

  • Breaklance

    Yeah cause Horton didn’t throw a punch at all when ribeiro still had his gloves on. And forget Thornton clearly instigating Hendricks infront of 2 refs cause Hendricks threw his gloves down and lock up with Marchand giving him a go ahead but managed to sucker punch him. GTFO, your teams dirty, your city’s dirty, and your fans are disgusting.

  • jspoke

    “…your teams dirty, your city’s dirty, and your fans are disgusting.” Wow, if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black…

  • serpent

    Granted, the Bs are a good team. Would they be as good without resorting to thug tactics? Don’t come up with the old “that’s hockey” crap. I’m talking good,solid hockey here. If they can win without fighting, why do it? Do they really need to distract the opponent to win? I’m glad the Caps aren’t that kind of a team.
    Before all the testosterone takes over, these are honest questions. Any answers?

  • Sure sounds like crying. Watch the video again. Mike “The Diver” Ribeiro, with his arms at his sides, motions with both hands at Marchand, as if to say “Let’s go.” Marchand obliges him. The ref was standing right there and didn’t call an instigator penalty for that reason. Ribeiro was willing until he figured out that getting punched in the face hurt. C’mon guys. 6 feet tall, been in the league 9 or so years, plays an instigating type of hockey, and NEVER BEEN IN A FIGHT! I thinks that says it all about the type of player Ribeiro is. He likes to dive, he likes to get under the opponents skin, he doesn’t like to answer the bell when his actions warrent it.

  • Horton didn’t fight Ribeiro. As far as Hendricks being instigated by Thornton, why did he choose McQuaid? Your English is so poor that I can’t even tell what you are trying to say when you say “but managed to sucker punch him”. Hendricks got the “go ahead” by dropping his gloves first but was THEN sucker punched. SMH. Also, Hendricks didn’t fight Marchand. It was Ribeiro that got his a$$ handed to him by the 5′ 6″ Marchand.

  • Yes they can be just as good without fighting. I’ve seen them be as good without figthing.
    I’ll admit I have a Bruins bias, but I love the teams from all of my “home cities” and one of them is DC, so my bias in this would be a lot less then, say a game against any of the New York teams.
    I also have a slight anti fighting bias, I’ve done a lot of reserch about hockey fighting over the years. I can see both sides of the fighting argument, but I don’t like what it does to the men involved in it day in and day out.
    One of the things I like about the men who fight on the Bruins is that they are expected to pull their weight and play. Shawn Thorton is part of one of the more productive 4th lines in the NHL, and Adam McQuaid is developing into a nice steady stay at home d-man. And yes, they also fight.

  • That lady who is laughing looks like she got hit with a shovel.

  • I’m not crying. I can only speak for myself though.

    Personally I don’t care who started it, or why etc. etc. I was stating I’ve never seen that visor rule enforced one way or the other. Hypothetically, if Marchand was called for it; it still wouldn’t have mattered. This was a good old fashioned beat down.

  • johnnymorte

    GMGM’s affinity for mediocrity is the crux of this team’s failure. His low risk, high reward approach has gotten this team nowhere. Thanks for resigning Semin you farkin’ icehole! Yeah he only scored twenty last year under Hunter with limited ice time, but where do you think Chimera’ s 20 came from last year! IT CAME FROM PLAYING ON A LINE WITH ALEX SEMIN YOU IDIOT! Take Brouwer off his line with NB19 and he is the same mediocre winger. Sell him now and sell chimera too and get some freakin’ skill in this lineup!

  • Hockeynightincanada

    Yep, you said it…….GMGM always overestimates his players potential, always afraid to give up any prospects for a game-changer. Who knows if Kuzzy, Forsberg, and Wilson will even be the real deal. For all we know, we could ruin or de-sensitize them here under GM’s reign. It’s a team full of 3rd and 4th line guys….One 2nd line centre, without any wingers and a struggling first line duo of Ovie and Backs

  • Hockeynightincanada

    Ribeiro is a diver, I remember back from his days in Montreal when he faked chest pains on the ice in the 04 playoffs. He would fit right in with the Bruins.

  • Hockeynightincanada

    The fact that nobody came in to aid Hendricks or step up shows all you need to know about how embarrassing this team is. Skill doesn’t win you games without heart, and now we have neither, because we had nothing to protect or make room for our stars.

  • What’s this non-sense about Horton being a non-fighter? I count minimum 19 NHL career fights for Horton, but as a Bruins fan we’ll give you a pass on this one as we know you can’t count that high.

  • Chiefs16

    I agree about him being a positive. It was pretty entertaining watching him get dropped by 2 non fighters and being too scared to fight Thornton. Also, Hendricks didn’t get his fists bloodied fighting Mcquaid, he got his fists bloodied from scraping the ice while getting dropped by Mcquaid.

  • me

    Can you really call it diving when you can see blood in Marchand’s mouth when he goes to the bench? I’d like to see you take a bloody hit like that and keep going like nothing happened.