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In early August, Maryland-native Katie Ledecky won a gold meal at the London Summer Olympics. The 15-year-old had the second-fastest swim of all-time in the 800-meter freestyle. For RMNB readers, the best part about the victory however was the revelation that she’s one of us.

In 1999, when Ledecky was two-years-old, her uncle Jon partnered with Ted Leonsis to purchase a stake of the Capitals and Wizards. The night Michael Jordan was announced as a co-owner of the Wizards, Katie was photographed sitting in the owner’s box with the basketball legend scribbling in a coloring book. According to The Washington Post’s Sally Jenkins, Katie has gone to hundreds of Caps games with her brother and was a total geek about it too, knowing every player and all of their stats.

That’s why on Sunday, to celebrate her 16th birthday, Leonsis had Katie sit in the owners box once again and honored her with her very own Caps jersey.


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The sweater was personalized with her last name and the number one on the back, both in gold. Capitals hall of fame defenseman Rod Langway presented her with the jersey during a TV timeout.


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During the second intermission, Ledecky also had the chance to do an interview with CRL’s Guerin Austin and do a live spot with CSN’s Al Koken. Katie, who couldn’t stop smiling during the Koken interview, revealed that her favorite Capital back in the day was Adam Oates (photo) and that he used to go to the same Starbucks as her.


Funny how times change. Now some little kid can say they go to the same Starbucks as Katie.


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  • I used to train with her coach, Yuri Suguiyama. He’s awesome, but he sucked at Mario Kart.

  • Sage Confucius

    Perhaps he was going to the wrong Starbucks.