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Steve Oleksy isn’t the most talented hockey player on the Washington Capitals, but he may very well be the smartest. That’s why he earned a three-year deal from George McPhee. The Management major from Lake Superior State University always seems to make the right play on the ice. And he’s pretty tough.

After nailing six-foot three-inch James Wright high with a hit, the Jets forward threw a few punches at Oleksy, but Binky kept his composure. Instead of retaliating and potentially taking a minor penalty with a 2-0 lead, Oleksy waited for the Capitals to regain possession of the puck to take care of his business.

The two spent 14 seconds measuring each other up, then Oleksy grabbed Wright and immediately absorbed two big shots to the back of the head. Binky eventually gained control of the fight however, landing three big punches (see below GIFs) and the takedown.

This was Oleksy’s second fight in the NHL, despite Adam Oates telling him not to drop the gloves when he got called up.





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  • Does he make contact in the first gif? Doesn’t look like it to me..

  • The dude has a welt on his head. Looks like the lights are going out as he’s taking the hits. Why would you ever fight, Binky?

  • you guys make some amazing gifs

  • Hana (welshhockeyfan) is amazing with these and I’m really grateful for her help. Show her some love by following her on Tumblr!

  • Here’s another great photo from the fight.

  • take a closer look at the knuckles on this photo. Its absolutely clear, that Binky either does pushups on them or has a lot of boxing practice. Probably both. This Mr.Binky is not as innocent as he wants to look like.
    Enforcer detected…

  • Rhino40


  • BRYANT. Yup. The best gifs.

  • He should not be an enforcer. He is far too talented/smart.

  • FLCaps

    Binky Wright

  • Chandler

    Funny how the shots by Wright didn’t make it as a gif…much closer fight than this article makes it sound like…