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Eff you. Brouwer is an anteater. (Photo credit: Travis Golby)

On Thursday, the Washington Capitals beat the Winnipeg Jets by coming out shooting and then protecting the lead. On Friday night’s insta-rematch,  the Caps didn’t own the puck by any measure, but they did carpet bomb the Thrashers so decisively that no one noticed. Goals went like this: Brooks, Brouwer, Beagle– and then Ovi and Green jumped in to disrupt the literary consonance– and then Byfuglien, and then Ovi again for some kind of poetic unity. It was a blowout when the Capitals needed it most.

Okay, maybe they coulda used it more at the beginning of the season. Sure. No no no, that’s a fair point. I hear you. Yeah. Okay. Listen I don’t wanna fight tonight. It’s Friday and the Caps won and won big. Can’t we all just get along?

Caps beat Thrashers 6-1.

  • beagle-face-pclayerBlake Wheeler took liberties with Karl Alzner in the first period, prompting the ever-gentlemanly Brooks Laich to demand satisfaction. The following duel was penalized, but Wheeler’s initial hit drew no such comeuppance. That advantage might have mattered more if the Jets power play were not so horribly deficient on the night, mustering just 1 shot on goal through their first 6 power play minutes.
  • At even strength, however, les Capitales had pretty dismal possession. The Jets finished the first period with a plus-13 in even-strength shot attempts and never gave any slack back. That would have been the story of the game, except the Winnipeg Jets filled their net with a matador*. Ondrej Pavelec let in three on nine shots, Al Pacino let in a trio more.
  • (*Listen: about that last bullet. I didn’t get it either, but the guests at RMNBHQ demanded it. Like “Olé” I dunno guys I can’t defend it. They can’t all be winners.)
  • Troy Brouwer scored one of the prettiest goals of the year, a 2-on-1 set up by Mike Ribeiro. Ribs was the dude-behind-the-dude on the game’s first two goals. Doesn’t mean the Caps shouldn’t trade him for a pocket full of golden dragons come the deadline.
  • This bullet is here to justify the puppy pic at right. Like so many others, Jay Beagle scored tonight, his second of the year. Beagle caught a total BS penalty for goalie interference; he was clearly shoved into Montoya.
  • And Alex Ovechkin scored too. Twice– once at 5 on 5 and again on power play. (It’s pretty obvious that these bullets are just naming people who scored, so if you’ve seen the box score, just step away from the recap and call it a night.) Ovi is on another streak, y’all. Alert the national hockey media. No, seriously, they won’t know otherwise.
  • Mike Green made his Steven Stamkos stick work for him. He scored from waaaaaaay outside, ensuring wings if wings could be ensured, and proving that scoring on the Jets is like playing tennis with the net down.
  • <sarcasm>Oh noes, Braden Holtby didn’t get back-to-back shutouts against the Atlanta Thrashers. We are utterly devastated. Bravo, Dustin Byfuglien/Mike Green’s skate, you have bested our champion.</sarcasm>
Joe B suit of the night

Joe B suit of the night

Six goals. Two by Ovi. Points for pretty much everyone. A shining performance by Holtbeast in net. Is there anything not to completely love about how the Caps acquitted themselves tonight and the night before?

The Capitals absolutely mollywallopounded the Jets. You’d have no idea that the Jets lead the division because — oh yeah, they won’t for long.

I have no clue what this means for the Caps’ prospects, but I do know that we should reserve all judgment until after Sunday night, when the Caps occupy Madison Square Garden.

  • Hockeynightincanada

    13 goals scored, 1 goal allowed….silent MTS centre in the third period of each game. Will the last person to leave please shut off the lights. The only thing Jets fans have to do to become the most annoying fans in hockey is to start chants in French.

    Next stop, Madison Stinking Garden. Someone should ask Torts if he thinks he is going to be fired just for the sake of getting a reaction.

  • How dare Holtby not to get a shutout?! Great game but the real test will be this Sunday, the Jets looked like a crappy team (just like their fans)

  • Akay15

    Can we play the Jets all the time? Pretty please?

  • petition to refer to them as les capitales in all RMNB official addresses from now forward.

  • Hockeynightincanada

    Have the NHL schedule to where we play all our home games vs Florida, and all the road games at Winnipeg.

  • Demand satisfaction. Classic.

  • I blame CSN entirely for jinxing the shutout. Bastards…………

  • JenniferH

    FANTASTIC GAME!!!! This line-up (with Laich and Green back on) is fantastic! GO CAPS!! And particularly loved the use of “mollywallopounded” Peter. I can always identify your write-ups without even seeing your name. 🙂

  • JenniferH

    Ditto. Grr…..

  • Yv

    Yesterday, I asked here, whether we are for something good, and it looks like we are! With MG52 and Laich back, Caps becoming solid across all lines.
    And how about this complete no correlation between hits and goals. Caps vs Jets 18/37! and 15/35! in hits in favor Jets, while the score 4:0 and 6:1 in favor Caps.
    When you see how much opening Ovi had for the first, it was smaller than hole of the bagel, and for the second goals, I would be not surprise if he will finish with around 30 goals.

    Now, Caps should do the same to Rangers and they would be baaaack!

  • Brilliant, Pete.

  • .gif of Beagle’s flight anywhere? That forearm to Montoya’s head while unintentional, was quite impressive.

  • Hello! My name is Al Montoya. You chased my starter, prepare to see additional success.

  • GuestZ

    how about a coach’s challenge for bs penalty calls, or misses. recently i swear these refs are being hired by NBC. like in bball, if you’re gonna call crap, at least call the game evenly…

  • so this would have happened if the caps had been healthy since january…btw brooks is as sexy as ever and nbc is gagging on positive comments about ovi. whoo!!

  • Alex

    I still don’t understand why you guys are so sour on Ribeiro, for how good he’s been withus.

  • Not sour at all! I love him– aside from a few dumb penalties. Just don’t think he’s part of the team’s long-term success.