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We’re always talking about what’s wrong with Alex Ovechkin (see Milbury, Mike). But for once why don’t we discuss some of the stuff that’s going right with the guy? For starters: the buzzcut.

Ovi was the best player on the ice during Thursday’s must-win game (whatever that means) against the Winnipeg Jets. The Russian machine scored a clutch third period power play goal, assisted on two other Caps tallies, and had the most inspiring shift of the game —  wherein he walloped both Bryan Little and Mark Stuart with big hits — all in Washington’s 4-0 shutout win over Winnipeg.



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Ovechkin had five shots and three hits in total, his fourth multi-point game on the year. In only one other game this season has Ovi scoared moar points: that was the night of the hat trick against New Jersey.

If the Capitals are going to somehow inch back into the playoff race, they will need more efforts like this.

Video of Ovechkin’s Goal

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  • vahockeymom

    Dear Ovi, please always play like this. That is all.

  • I’m going to throw this out there, for the sake of discussion: Ovie seems to play his very best when he’s hitting, and making room for himself. Is there a correlation between Shannabans handed down to Ovie and his production?

    It seems like he’s a sad panda when he gets reprimanded for “illegal” hits, and then less likely to crush opposing players.

  • Rhino40

    FTR, I absolutely love it when Ovie plays this way: full of p1$$ ‘n’ vinegar and a smoldering rage to win. Sad to say, though, I am afraid another Shanaban is on the way–it’s only a matter of time before someone goes down awkwardly from an otherwise completely legal Ovie hit, and then…
    Of course, I fervently hope that I am wrong about this.

  • It’d be hard to establish a correlation between his play and suspensions, but IIRC Neil Greenberg did a correlation between his hitting and his shooting for WaPo awhile back. Ovi does not generally play better when he’s hitting more.

  • Rhino40

    See, the main thing is not that he is destroying opposing players, it’s that he is playng hard-nosed, Canadian-style hockey even better than most of Canadian players, and the NHL’s “Old Guard” just can’t stand it…

  • It would have been much funnier if Katie tweeted “Stuart, Little”

  • Lil’ Buff

    Love how he keeps his feet down tho on that second hit. Like a wide receiver toe-dragging for a catch. Have fun with that Shanaban!

  • Rob

    Ovi’s found a home in the face-off circle above the play. I think teams pay him no mind because they do not think he can hit from there, but he’s been camping and scoring from there lately. I think this may be the fabled “adjustment” in Ovi’s game we’ve all been dreaming of.