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After losing to the Penguins on Tuesday, the Washington Capitals have ripped off three straight road wins. Led by Alex Ovechkin, who scored four goals (plus a shootout tally) and seven points during the winning streak, the Capitals are now two points out of eighth place in the East. That has made Ovi happppppy.

Thursday, March 21, At Winnipeg


Photo credit: Marianne Helm

Journey back to Thursday, when the Capitals played their first game of a back-to-back set against the Jets. At the end of regulation, a subdued Ovi raised his hand and tells Jets fans, “Yes. Yes, I am the man.” Happppppyness level: 4.

Friday, March 22, At Winnipeg


Photo credit: Caps instagram

The next night, Sasha got a little bit more expressive, giving us the double peace sign after the Caps thrashed the Jets 6-1. It was the first time we’ve seen him get that gangster since his rap debut with Sasha Belyi. Happppppyness level: 7.

Sunday, March 24, At New York


Photo credit: Caps instagram

Finally, Sunday against the Rangers, Ovi got totally geeky and high-fived Brouwer after the team’s third straight victory. Happppppyness level: 9.

Monday, March 25, At Washington DC

Ovi returned home, realizing that his parents and fiancée are waiting for him back at the house. Happppppyness level: 10.

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  • serpent

    Level 10, huh? That sounds like a nice round number of goals by the guys in the next game. Go for it,Caps! Maybe Lucky Maria will be in attendance?

  • When Ovechkin is happy, I’m happy. The team needs to stay focused and play strong from the start like they did the last 3 games

  • Guest

    Maria Maria!! ♪♫♪♫ http://youtu.be/nPLV7lGbmT4

  • Maria Maria!! ♪♫♪♫


  • happpppppppy Ovi = team winning = happpppppppppy fans!!!

  • ChuchutrainLA

    Thanx for the positive article. I love caps. I love OV. I love being Russian. I can always count on coming back home from my shit-job and watching CAPS-OV highlights until my eyes bleed and read pieces like to make me feel better. Thank you. P.S. I think that Adler’s piece belongs on Mike Shitberry’s blog, if he has one.

  • Bucky Katt

    Happy Ovi=SCOAR MOAR GOALS=Happy Fans. At least that’s my math. :0)

  • When he tweeted that he was happy to be in town and that she was in town as well I tweeted that he had to make sure she was in the stands.