Photo credit: @mkirilenko

A night before the Capitals take on the New York Islanders at home, Alex Ovechkin and fellow countryman Dmitry Orlov took their ladies, Maria and Varvara, out to dinner. Maybe they were celebrating the Caps’ three-game winning-streak or maybe they were celebrating Ovi’s NHL Live interview where he said uh exactly 382 times. Maybe they were just hungry. Either way, hooray for Russian Caps hanging out. Helps the RMNB brand.


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  • go caps

    orlov looks like a little kid lol

  • Steve Hickey

    Orlovs girl…..meow

  • Dark Stranger

    Even with the beginning of a mustache? LOL!

  • Dark Stranger

    Cute picture of Ovi, Orlov, and the girls! (Must admit I never knew that Orlov had a girlfriend — until now!) Wonder whose house they all were at.

  • Brendan Maltese

    How intelligent does Ovi sound when he speaks in Russian?

  • T.K. Jackson

    a Russian double date apparently looks like 2 awkward-looking guys paired with vastly hotter girlfriends. (The exact same scene reproduced ad infinitum across the entirety of the former Soviet Union.)

  • Ian Oland
  • Kevin Lasnier

    Anyone else notice how much better we are with Orlov and Laich back? Anyone?

  • timmy

    where was dinner?

  • Rhino40

    “At Eastern Motors….Your Job’s Your Credit…”
    I kid. of course. MK isn’t my style, but I respect the hawtness…now the young lady holding the mic, on the other hand…

  • Rhino40

    …and in the US too…particularly if the young men in question are famous, well-off. or both.

  • USGunner

    I see you judging guys by their looks, that is kind of “gay” dont you think?
    Let us see your mug , so we can judge if you can bang girls like that. So dont hate, congratulate. No wonder that US feminist bitches probably walking all over your “good looking” ass.

  • Kyle

    Ovechkins girlfriend is annoying, not hot