• go caps

    orlov looks like a little kid lol

  • Orlovs girl…..meow

  • Dark Stranger

    Even with the beginning of a mustache? LOL!

  • Dark Stranger

    Cute picture of Ovi, Orlov, and the girls! (Must admit I never knew that Orlov had a girlfriend — until now!) Wonder whose house they all were at.

  • Brendan Maltese

    How intelligent does Ovi sound when he speaks in Russian?

  • T.K. Jackson

    a Russian double date apparently looks like 2 awkward-looking guys paired with vastly hotter girlfriends. (The exact same scene reproduced ad infinitum across the entirety of the former Soviet Union.)

  • Anyone else notice how much better we are with Orlov and Laich back? Anyone?

  • timmy

    where was dinner?

  • Rhino40

    “At Eastern Motors….Your Job’s Your Credit…”
    I kid. of course. MK isn’t my style, but I respect the hawtness…now the young lady holding the mic, on the other hand…

  • Rhino40

    …and in the US too…particularly if the young men in question are famous, well-off. or both.

  • USGunner

    I see you judging guys by their looks, that is kind of “gay” dont you think?
    Let us see your mug , so we can judge if you can bang girls like that. So dont hate, congratulate. No wonder that US feminist bitches probably walking all over your “good looking” ass.

  • Kyle

    Ovechkins girlfriend is annoying, not hot