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Mike Green is a lot of things: a two-time Norris nominee, a generous human, and the beefy crush-object of thousands of women in the tri-state area. On Tuesday, however, he was a goat (and I don’t mean the Greatest of All-Time).

With five minutes to go in regulation and the game tied 2-2, Brooks Laich‘s cross-ice dump-in was swatted down by John Tavares. Tavares sent the puck into the Caps’ zone, which is where all the crazy happened. Laich sent a weak pass behind the net to Mike Green. The puck bounced off both boards and the back of the net, finally coming to rest dangerously near the crease. With Matt Moulson pressuring, Green tried to put the puck through his legs. Instead, the puck hit his skates and stopped. Moulson picked it up and fed Tavares for an easy game-winner.


Best viewed while “Yakety Sax” is playing  (GIF by welshhockeyfan)

After the game, Laich, according to RMNB’s Chris Gordon, said that it was his bad.

“I got caught out a little fatigued,” Brooks explained. “I wanted to send it back behind the net. I didn’t think I could get Mike direct. I didn’t want to turn one over in the middle in front of our net so I sent it behind the net. Bad angle, bad decision by myself. I put Mike in trouble.”

Laich continued. “I apologized to him after. I put [him] in a tough spot. He tries to make a play and beat the first guy and then the second guy got him. You win as a team, you lose as a team, but I can certainly make a better play to help Mike out there.”

Head Coach Adam Oates blamed both players on the turnover. “It was a tired play,” he said. “We gave them a freebie.”

Braden Holtby said of the same encounter, “It was one of those plays that hand-cuffed Greener. I was too busy looking at the play develop behind the net to see where Tavares was.”

Green did not speak to reporters after the game.

With the victory, the Islanders leapfrog the Capitals and the Carolina Hurricanes to claim ninth place in the East (though Carolina has played 2 fewer games).

Video of Tavares’ Game-Winning Goal


Additional reporting by Chris Gordon.

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  • Toronto Caps Fan

    Just a bad play all the way around. I think Laich should have tried to turn and get it out off the boards instead of what he did…. bottom line need 3/4 pts this weekend.

  • brian!

    Looks like Green’s doing a square-dance. Grab your partner, do-sie-do?

  • Yv

    That was deflating goal to watch in VC. Laich and Green, especially, both were responsible for the goal, but it would not matter if Caps capitalized on their multiple chances and on PP. This was probably 10th-15th loss with the score 2:3.
    Playing 50% at-home (Caps record now 8-8) is beyond unacceptable and characteristics of bad teams nowhere close to playoffs spot. Where those dreamy times when every team was afraid to visit VC?

  • GuestZ

    get rid of Green. can’t stay healthy enough to give us anything for all the money we’re paying him, and he gave away our playoff hopes right here. thanks for nothing.

  • Dolemite

    green has more blunders than brilliance on a consist basis when he does play. its almost as painful to hear his defenders. look im sorry you pissed away money on his jerseys but you cant win on past accomplishments or dickie dunnisms.

  • vahockeymom

    It’s tough to watch on tv too. The crowd is so quiet…not their fault, the play in front of them is not inspiring…you can actually hear the puck going tape to tape on good passes….

  • Hockeynightincanada

    Oh Times they are a changin Mom

  • Matt Dwyer

    Seems like Green has not been the same since his concussions. Every game, he has a couple wtf plays like he blanked out. I hope everyone says that’s wrong, but if right, I hope he is getting good medical care. Guy has paid his dues.

  • It’s not over yet, I see Caps still at #3 SE champs one last time. Have to get to work this weekend though 4 points.