Okay, he’s just showing off now. (Photo credit: @mpoindc)

Alex Ovechkin shot a commercial for Verizon on Wednesday afternoon, and the extras were… well, pretty much everybody who walked past Verizon Center. Our own resident artist Rachel Cohen was at the event and gave us the scoop. Ovi, dressed in his full Washington Capitals gear, walked out through the front doors of the Verizon Center holding a bundle of hockey sticks. The Russian machine approached some passersby and asked if they’d like to play some pick-up with him. And then, right there on F Street, they played. Really.

The Red Rockers came out of Verizon Center to cheer on Ovi. The PA voice of the Capitals, Wes Johnson, did play-by-play. Owner Ted Leonsis and John Walton were there as well.

The game was three-on-three. Ovi picked players out of the crowd to play every few minutes. Judging by the chatter, a little game of flash shinny with the Great Eight has changed some lives.

Hockey players are the best. They are so frigging down to earth.

Here are some more photos from the day.


Photo credit: @SergeyKocharov


Photo credit: @washcaps


Photo credit: @washcaps


Photo credit: @krenz105


Photo credit: @GeorgeWNEW


Ovi and Wes. (Photo credit: @wesjohnsonvoice)


Photo credit: @mkpanda78

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  • This is so awesome

  • Manda

    I have to give props to Ovi and the whole Caps organization for their general down-to-earth-ness when it comes to the Caps community. When I went to check out the street hockey event, I was not expecting to catch anymore than a glimpse of Ovi through the cameras, handlers and the crowd. Not the case. I happened to come by during a break and everyone was in the VC lobby (instead of the street) so I looked around, saw other people go inside and decided what the hey, and went inside. There wasn’t a lot of fuss going on just a bunch of fans in jerseys hanging out with a net and Slapshot in one area and oh yeah, there was Alexander Flippin’ Ovechkin. He was right by the entrance sitting in the window sill by the payphone. Just chilling. Not on a cell phone, not being handled with kid gloves, no entourage, just a dude hanging out in his hockey gear waiting for someone to tell him it’s okay to go back out and play. Anyway, I’m sorry to ramble! I just wanted to agree that hockey players do seem down to earth and I feel so fortunate to be a part of one of the best hockey communities evar!

  • That’s so awesome! I’m jealous though, wish I got a chance to play some pickup with #8 🙁 haha

  • Sage Confucius

    Nothing like this ever happens to me when I’m in DC. Very cool.

  • I don’t know what I’d do in that situation. Probably cry.

  • Hockeynightincanada

    Another gain to the Pens for essentially nothing. May as well hand them Ribeiro as well. What is it Shero has that most GM’s don’t when it comes to making great deals?

  • freckleface81

    🙁 I work basically RIGHT THERE and had no idea this was happening! I’m so disappointed. Did I miss some announcement?

  • Rhino40

    Oh, that one’s easy, HNIC: He signed a pact with Satan. And I don’t mean the one who wore #81 for them a couple of years ago, either.
    To paraphrase Indiana Jones:
    “Pittsburgh…Why’d it have to be Pittsburgh?”
    I have always admired Iggy and have long wondered what it might be like if he wore a “different” kind of red sweater. Alas, now I must despise him. Between the Caps’ troubles this season, the coming sucky realignment, and now this evil trade, I am finally convinced that there is no God…or if there is one, that He harbors an ongoing hatred of the team I love. Sadz.

  • The bottom line is these guys want to play with Sid, Malkin, MAF et al.

  • Ash

    Shero certainly has trading smarts, but in part he’s bolstered by extreme luck with the draft that gives him a better standing than most GMs have to work with. Shero is lucky enough to have a team deep in the center, which allows him to make moves other teams simply can’t, and to use picks/prospects he’s attained in that process.